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- 7th Oct 2021

8 ways to style round or rectangular tables

We’ve all experienced that magic moment: walking into a reception room after a beautiful wedding ceremony only to marvel at the gorgeous display in front of us.

Blooming floral arrangements, glassware, candles, and signage – all the makes of a stunning wedding reception!

And of course, that one item that sets the benchmark for all of its accompanying decor: the table linen.

You might not think table linen is too exciting, but here at Table Art, we know that it’s the most important part of your setting!

As glasses, napkins, and plates are removed from the table, your linen is the one thing that remains for the duration of your event.

High quality table linen hire is the best starting point when planning your wedding or event decor.

So this week, we want to share some of our favourite ways to style two of the most popular table types using tablecloths and table runners as the perfect base.

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How do you dress a round table?

When are round tables best suited?

Round tables can be a space-efficient option, especially when it comes to filling corners. They also allow more room for centrepieces such as flowers, vases, or candles.

Round tables can also usually fit more guests, so if your event is toeing the line of venue capacity, round might be a good option.


Flowers are an elegant and popular way to add colour and texture to your tablescape.

Whether you prefer a simple arrangement or a blooming display of multiple vases clustered together in the centre of the table, florals and foliage are always in style.


Tall, elegant, tapered candles are suitable for round tables, as there is less risk of a sleeve dangling over the flame as guests seldom need to reach too far across the table.

We do recommend using our glass sleeves over the tapered candles to protect your guests and ensure the candle burns all night due to being sheltered from airconditioning air flow.

Another option is glass votives or pillar candles in vases to create the mass candle look.

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Cluster your decor

The centre of a round table is a perfect place to play with colour and texture, so don’t be afraid to mix it up, especially in terms of height.

Flowers provide gorgeous colour, while accents of bronze or metallic can add contrast and a little bit of glamour.

A range of vases, votives, and candles offer a whimsical, romantic, and boho feel.

The best part about clustered decor is that it can be as polished or as rustic as you like: opt for a range of florals in tons of different vessels, or aim for something more sleek, like a monochromatic colour scheme.

Add some angles

If you want to add a little dimension, contrast, and a modern twist, consider unique plates such as square or rectangular shapes, or charger plates.

Elevated centrepieces

Lift florals off the table and create more room on a round table with an elevated centrepiece.

How to style long tables

When are long tables best suited?

Long tables work beautifully under ceiling floral installations, lighting features, or draping, and are a great option if you want a romantic flowing table runner style.

These sorts of angular tables are also good at establishing borders, particularly if your wedding or even is in an open space, such as a garden or vineyard.

Drop length matters: how do you drape a long table?

If we had a dollar for everytime we asked the size of a rectangular table, we were told it’s just a ‘standard’ length…

There’s no such thing as a standard rectangular table.

So ensure you get your measurements right so that we can help you choose linens that offer an appropriate drop. A draping fall to the floor creates an elegant look, while shorter drops can look more casual.

Table runners

One of the most beautiful styling details, we love chiffon or weave table runners gathered down the length of the table & draping on the floor at each end..

Not only does it look fantastic, but from a styling point of view, it also acts as a boundary to determine where your decor should primarily sit.

Table runners can be used on their own to expose a table, or placed over a tablecloth to add an extra layer of texture and colour. Find out more about wedding table runner hire here.

Add soft curves

Just as we detailed above for round tables, you can soften the angles of your rectangular table with round decor, such as plates, chargers, and candles.

Speak to Table Art today about your upcoming event

There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing the type of table you want for your wedding or event.

The best thing that you can do is speak with your wedding or event planner.

We’ve organised tables for hundreds of events of all sizes, and can help you decide the right layout as well as options for your linens.

We’ll also think about all those other tables you might forget about, such as tables for gifts, the DJ stand, and the cake.

From tablecloths for a Melbourne wedding to linen napkins in Sydney, Table Art provides gorgeous linens to event venues, wedding planners, and stylists all over the country.

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