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- 14th Apr 2021
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Attention, event stylists: how to get your styled shoot noticed!

We’ve all been there. Young teens, with stars in our eyes, flipping through the pages of a high-end fashion magazine (yes, before blogs!), seeing beautifully styled weddings and imagining what our own will look like. 

What drew you to those images? Was it the genuine joy on the happy couple’s faces? The abundance of gorgeous flowers used? The creativity? Or perhaps the seamless look between the people, the props, and the decor?

Well, some of the above are exactly what blog sites, directories, and magazines are looking for, too!

This week, we’re breaking down how event stylists like you can get your styled photoshoot noticed.

Why do event stylists organise professional shoots?

Styled shoots are created by venues, suppliers, or stylists, with the main aim to get their stunning photos published on wonderful blogs and websites, such as Ivory Tribe, Mr Theodore, and The Lane for their exposure.

In addition to publicity, there are a few more advantageous outcomes for the shoot’s creator.

1. Build networks

When you collaborate with other industry visionaries, you start to build a network and ensure your name becomes top of mind when other professionals seek your unique services. 

These initial collaborations result in not only a successful and cohesive shoot, but can also result in long-term and mutually beneficial vendor relationships.

For example, an event stylist who liaises with a florist, photographer, dress designer, and linen hire expert for their styled shoot may continue to collaborate with them for future projects.

Linen hire for styled shoot

2. Social media images

An abundance of images, ready for sharing on socials!

As we in the industry know, visual storytelling is so important to help clients understand what we can achieve and how we can bring their stories, vision, and dreams to life.

Your styled photo shoot can also turn into a supply of content to be found, loved, and shared on Instagram or Pinterest. 

This can help save your team valuable time preparing Instagram posts and stories. 

3. Marketing material

In addition to social media content, high quality images can also be used on your website, and supporting collateral such as brochures, catalogues, infographics, case studies, blog posts, videos, landing pages, and portfolios.

Wedding linen hire

What is the incentive for suppliers? Table Art’s take

At Table Art, we are asked to collaborate with event stylists on styled shoots hundreds of times a year.

Styled shoots cost a lot of money.

It may not be charged to the organiser, but it needs to be taken into regard.

Costs involved can range from flower growers, candles, cleaning, laundry cost of table linen, deliveries and returns, labour, printing, dry cleaning… the list goes on.

With all marketing investments, each business has to work out its return on investment.

For us at Table Art, we have two main reasons to join styled shoots:

  1. Providing our table linens for concepts that are original and beautiful 
  2. Showcasing the gorgeous fabrics that we don’t have many photos of

We try to avoid shoots that use more than one supplier of the items we offer; we are more likely to share the images on our social media if our fabrics are the only ones used in the shoot. 

Why? Because it can be confusing for a potential client when they find something they love on our page, and want to replicate the look but have to go through multiple fabric suppliers.

So while styled photo shoots can be fun, collaborative, and brilliant for exposure, they are also strategic business decisions that we don’t take lightly. 

What gets the interest of the blog sites?

So now that we know the purpose of your styled shoot, as well as the other benefits you can enjoy, it’s time to look at exactly what garners interest from these popular sites. 

How can you get your shoot to stand out from the competition? Here are a couple of pointers to guide you on your way.

hire table linen for photoshoot

New and fresh concepts

There will always be ‘trends’.

Year in and year out, we’ll be inundated with articles and blog posts about the hottest wedding colour palettes, fabrics, textures, floral style, furniture, tableware, ceiling installations… the list seriously goes on and on! 

So – how can you stand out from the crowd?

It comes down to creating new and fresh concepts that haven’t been posted on these sites before. And while it can be helpful to tie in these trending elements, it’s also important to think outside the box and take some chances.

Show YOUR style, because this, at the end of the day, is what your future clients will be paying you for!

Detail shots that are finessed

The bride looks stunning and the groom dapper, and while these photos have turned out superbly, you can’t drop the ball when it comes to detail shots.

These are typically close up, highly detailed photos of elements such as cutlery, place cards, rings, and stationery. And that means a meticulous eye!

Seating, settings, and stationery should be set out straight and evenly. Cutlery must be set properly (if you’re not sure, enlist the help of someone who is, or alternatively, check out our blog post); a correctly set table is just as important as a beautifully styled one. 

All details will be noticed, and that can also include:

  • Ensuring table cloths should be touching or draping the floor at the end of each table
  • Deciding if candles are to be lit or unlit and ensuring it is consistent
  • Determining lighting and the time of day you’re shooting
  • Including images of the bar, signage, decor, furniture,and florals

Cohesive imagery and editing

Polished images with high-quality images are non-negotiable for premium wedding blogs, websites, or magazines.

Anyone should be able to pick out your images from a bunch of random ones. That means consistent editing to ensure a cohesive, balanced, and unique look to your photos. 

Should you use models for your styled shoot?

This is a good question, as it seems obvious to choose professionals who understand what is required of them and know how styled shoots work.

However, sometimes the use of models hinders a reader’s ability to connect. Using “real couples” (or even models strategically selected to look like real, natural couples) can be much more effective, as readers can now identify with an attainable look.

Looking for style inspo?

Head over to our Instagram page for an endless amount of styling inspiration and to see how our table linen is used by talented event stylists all over Australia to create unique and stunning table settings.

Spotted something you love? Want to book an appointment in our showroom? We would love to hear from you! Tell us a little about your wedding (including the date and venue) and we’ll be in touch with you soon. Contact us here or call (03) 9813 2851.


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