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The return of the dinner party: 2020 corporate Christmas celebrations

While the majority of the year was spent indoors with no more than your family, housemates, or partner for company, the city of Melbourne has quickly awakened, as Melbournians all over get back into doing what they love best - partying. Anything calls for a celebration, and with the year we’ve all endured, this statement is truer than ever! Team [...]

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Summer event styling from our table linen hire team

It may have been a while since we stepped through the doors of a corporate event or partied on the dancefloor at a wedding, but we’re hopeful 2021 will see the end of that, and instead the reinvigoration of our beloved corporate event and wedding scene!  As such, we’re already looking towards the future (and trying hard to forget 2020) [...]

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4 decor mistakes your table stylist in Sydney ensures you won’t make!

Event planning is fun, exciting, rewarding, and stressful - all rolled into one! It’s no wonder you need to have a huge amount of stamina, an eye for design, and unlimited passion to work in the event planning industry! Take it from us: while we live and breathe event planning, we understand that it takes a lot of hard work [...]

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Winter event styling: embrace the magic of the cooler season

A room illuminated with fairy lights and candles. Overflowing floral arrangements. A dark, moody, decadent colour palette. Yep, it’s time to embrace a winter celebration! If you’ve had to postpone an event, the current climate has likely forced you to think outside of the box, and open your mind to other opportunities you might have previously discounted. One such? Hosting [...]

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Table Art’s approach to COVID-19

We’re experiencing uncertainty during these difficult times, but remember - we’re all in this together! The last few weeks have no doubt been some of the toughest our business and industry has faced. During these unprecedented times, we’ve had to rapidly adapt and change the approach to our work. But, we want to assure you that we are still working [...]

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Hosting a corporate event? Table linen hire and decor tips

Whether it’s at a corporate breakfast event or a rustic wedding in Victoria’s wine region, your table setting says a lot about the kind of event you’re hosting.  A key element of your style, your table setting should include elements that bind your theme together, add texture and dimension, be practical, and above all, look fabulous! This week, we want [...]

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Our linen hire team shares Autumn wedding trends to fall in love with

While spring still holds the crown for the most popular season for Australian weddings, Autumn tends to always be a close second. Autumn weddings tend to have a feeling of intimacy, nostalgia, warmth, and comfort. Shorter days are upon us as the temperature drops and we prepare to welcome some cooler weather.  Some venues also have more attractive rates in [...]

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How can custom table linen help your business stand out?

The personalisation trend has taken over in the past few years. From monogrammed purses and handbags to initialed bridesmaids pyjamas, people love adding these personal touches to a range of accessories and clothing. The trend has tricked into the commercial world, too, with businesses leveraging to inject some personalisation into their offices and boardrooms, and at their events.  More than [...]

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Linen hire considerations for styling different kinds of tables

Unless you’re in the event planning industry, it’s likely that you don’t think about tablecloths too often! However for those of us who live and breathe styling, it’s no surprise to learn that different kinds of tables often need unique considerations to ensure styling is done to perfection. Different shapes, heights, and purposes evoke a whole range of options for [...]

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