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Our table linen hire experts share our top wedding venues in Tasmania

The big question has been asked.  You’ve shared the exciting news with friends and family (and of course, on Instagram!) And now, you’re ready to start planning! Of course, one of the first things you need to lock in when you’re planning a wedding is the date… but for the most part, your venue’s availability plays a major role in [...]

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6 fantastic wedding table ideas, courtesy of our event stylists in Melbourne!

You’re counting down the days before you say “I do”. It’s a period of excitement and anticipation - however, it’s also one that’s characterised by stress, as you plan and go over the nitty gritty details of your dream wedding. You’ve found the perfect venue. You’ve finalised the wedding menu. Wedding invites have been sent. You’ve said yes to the [...]

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Our linen hire experts explain how to style a Christmas in July table

Here in Australia, we really get the short straw when it comes to Christmas - we’ve long been envious of the white Christmas we have so often seen in British and American TV. By contrast, our Christmases find us all in short sleeves, thongs and sitting around an outdoor setting while our families play backyard cricket. Sure, it’s nice and [...]

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Our event stylists share 3 event styling tips for a winter setting

What’s the first thing you notice when you turn up at a function? Is it the menu, the night’s itinerary or the people you’ll be sharing the night with? No - chances are, the first thing you notice is the decor! Event styling goes a long way to building atmosphere and ambiance. In particular, table linen adorned with stunning table [...]

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EOFY table setting ideas from our table linen hire experts

The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is upon us once again. And we all know what that means: party time! (Oh yeah, and tax returns…) There’s no better way to celebrate a successful financial year, lay out a course for the coming financial year or pay tribute to your hard-working employees than with an EOFY party. If you’ve never planned [...]

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Should you buy or hire table linen? Our table setting experts weigh in!

Long story short? Hire. Wait, you wanted more detail? Well, we suppose we can explain more... At Table Art, nothing makes us happier than seeing your event (be it a wedding, birthday or any other function) come to life. And a good, high-quality table linen is essential. You’ve got a solid idea of your ideal fabric, pattern and colour. The [...]

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What makes corporate event styling different to private styling?

No doubt you’ve heard that it only takes 7 seconds for someone to form a lasting impression. Appearances are crucial to ensuring you build the best possible image for yourself - especially in corporate settings, where deals, partnerships and clients are on the line. That’s why corporate event styling is such an important consideration. However, you can’t plan your corporate [...]

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Creative Easter table setting ideas from our table linen hire experts

Venue? Check. Food and drinks? Check. Invitation and program? Check. You’ve got everything planned out for your Easter event. Best of all, it isn’t even April yet, so you’ve got plenty of time to get everything in order for the perfect Easter celebration! But wait, is your table setting planned? While a relatively small thing in the grand scheme of [...]

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4 unique breakfast table setting ideas for corporate breakfasts and fundraisers

Let’s face it, many of us strongly dislike getting up earlier than we have to! Needless to say, this can make it hard to convince your employees and partners to turn up willingly to any early-morning company events. If you’re going to hold an early-morning fundraiser or conference, the least you can do is offer breakfast in the package! In [...]

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How does linen hire work with your event or wedding planner?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. If you ask us, the same rule applies to weddings - behind each successful nuptial is an army of people, working together to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Chief among them is your wedding planner. They play a crucial role in sorting out all the nitty gritty details [...]

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