Should you buy or hire table linen? Our table setting experts weigh in!

Long story short? Hire. Wait, you wanted more detail? Well, we suppose we can explain more... At Table Art, nothing makes us happier than seeing your event (be it a wedding, birthday or any other function) come to life. And a good, high-quality table linen is essential. You’ve got a solid idea of your ideal fabric, pattern and colour. The [...]

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What makes corporate event styling different to private styling?

No doubt you’ve heard that it only takes 7 seconds for someone to form a lasting impression. Appearances are crucial to ensuring you build the best possible image for yourself - especially in corporate settings, where deals, partnerships and clients are on the line. That’s why corporate event styling is such an important consideration. However, you can’t plan your corporate [...]

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Creative Easter table setting ideas from our table linen hire experts

Venue? Check. Food and drinks? Check. Invitation and program? Check. You’ve got everything planned out for your Easter event. Best of all, it isn’t even April yet, so you’ve got plenty of time to get everything in order for the perfect Easter celebration! But wait, is your table setting planned? While a relatively small thing in the grand scheme of [...]

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4 unique breakfast table setting ideas for corporate breakfasts and fundraisers

Let’s face it, many of us strongly dislike getting up earlier than we have to! Needless to say, this can make it hard to convince your employees and partners to turn up willingly to any early-morning company events. If you’re going to hold an early-morning fundraiser or conference, the least you can do is offer breakfast in the package! In [...]

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Life’s a beach! Beach wedding table settings and linen hire

Who doesn’t love the sound of waves crashing and the serene, ocean-deep beauty of the beach? If you’re a self-proclaimed “beach baby”, you might even take your love to the next level by planning a beachside wedding, or wedding with a distinctly coastal theme. Can you picture it? Getting married right there on the beach, perhaps at sunset, with the [...]

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Table Art linen hire shares exciting wedding themes to watch out for in 2019!

The year has just begun, and if you’re planning a wedding for 2019, it’s set to get pretty busy! With all the planning, organising, and decorating a couple (or perhaps more realistically, their wedding planner!) undertakes, setting everything up for your wedding day is one of the biggest and most exciting tasks you’ll ever have! So the dress is sorted [...]

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Dress up your boardroom or bring an event to life with custom linen for corporates

Countless hours are spent planning, brainstorming, and presenting in an office boardroom. It’s one of the most used rooms in a corporate setting, filled with a variety of employees and visitors including existing and potential clients. It’s a space where your most creative ideas are born, and a room you want to project professionalism to everyone who enters it. You [...]

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Our never-fail New Year’s Eve party themes (including table linen hire!)

New Year’s is just a few days away. Have you got your festivities sorted? You better get prepared - the holiday rush has well and truly begun! We’ve already kicked off the celebrations, sharing well wishes, raising a glass, and counting down ‘til the big man in red arrives. But before we can settle into holiday mode, we’ve got to [...]

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