BLOG / Less is more: how to plan a minimalist wedding theme
- 15th Feb 2022

Less is morehow to plan a minimalist wedding theme

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel.

Mademoiselle Chanel may have been talking about personal style, but we wholeheartedly agree with her sentiment when it comes to decorating and styling a wedding, too.

The minimalist way of life has exploded over the last few years, with interior designers, fashion experts, and other lifestyle consultants all sharing their ethos of simple, beautiful, and minimal living.

Making fewer choice details, and curating a thoughtful and minimalist wedding is the theme of today’s blog post.

The best part of minimalist decor? It can be integrated into almost any kind of wedding theme. So no matter your vibe, scale it back and enjoy a clean, chic, and minimal aesthetic.

How do you have a minimalist wedding?

Planning a wedding takes time, and one of the main decisions you’ll have to make will be choosing your theme.

The theme is really important, as it’s an overarching motif that is reflected in every aspect of the day, from your dress to flowers and decor.

There’s a lot riding on it – no wonder choosing a theme sounds overwhelming!

But the best part is that any kind of theme is totally malleable; you can blend multiple themes together, drawing your favourite parts from each to create something tailored that perfectly suits you and your partner’s relationship and personal style.

Whether you want a modern wedding, a romantic theme, or are obsessed with the rustic look, each can be paired back with a layer of minimalism to create your dream wedding.

The options really are limitless, and at the end of the day, the decision is up to you!


Your natural wedding theme is characterised by earthy tones, rugged landscapes, and shabby-chic elegance.

Want to strip it back and enjoy a more minimal look?

Do this:

  • Keep things simple on your reception tables with a single table runner running down the centre, exposing natural timber for a clean and chic finish

  • Aim for delicate, neat, and elegant floral arrangements

  • Stick to a neutral colour palette

  • Choose a ‘naked’ cake

How do you do a simple yet elegant wedding?

Striking black and white elevated with metallic accents of gold, silver, and bronze is the perfect recipe for all things glamour.

And yes, it is possible to team glamour with minimalism – don’t lose sight of luxury, but instead tie it back to nature, relying on simple foliage and greenery to soften the look alongside crisp, smooth table linen and gleaming silverware.

A twist on traditional

For the traditionalists at heart, adding a minimalist touch can help elevate and modernise your setting.

A classic combination of greenery, florals, and neutral colour tones combines perfectly with clean, contemporary lines, while a ‘blank canvas’ venue lets you start from scratch and maintain that minimal aesthetic.

What is a boho style wedding?

Whimsical, romantic, and ethereal: three words to perfectly describe the beautiful boho wedding theme.

If you’d prefer something a little more simple, we suggest toning down the boho theme by incorporating muted colours and choosing a simpler tablescape with less texture and dimension.

This way, you can maintain the warm, inviting, and approachable feel of boho, but with the clean and sleek aura of minimalism.


Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, let your surroundings do the talking. Lush greenery and fresh, in-season blooms broken up with crisp white linen, chairs, and signage.

Say ‘I Do’to minimalism decor and colours

Beyond your wedding theme (and as such, an extension of it), we’ll now take a look at three of the main components of your wedding, further detailing how minimalism can be integrated to create a chic, timeless, and clean look.

Table setting

As we’ve said many times before, your table setting is one of the most important decor components of your wedding. It’s the first thing people see when they step into your reception space, and your linen is the one piece of decor that remains on the table all night.

As such, it must look beautiful!

With a large variety of linen styles, fabrics, and colours on offer, our linen hire experts can help design tailored tablescapes to suit your theme and vision.

From crisp white to blush, chalk, and shades of grey, keep it classy with complementary shades and muted colours.

Table linen hire

Colour palette

Neutral, complementary, and monochromatic tones are the perfect base for a minimalism theme.

Some of our favourite chic and simple colour combinations include:

  • Black and white (with a touch of silver or gold for some subtle glam)

  • Beautiful pastels (stick to a single colour tone or combination of two or more

  • Crisp, fresh whites (combined with shades like grey, navy, ash, brown, taupe, and terracotta)

Planning a minimalist wedding?

No matter your theme, the overarching goal of a minimalist wedding is to reduce visual clutter, and allow the minimal decor to do all the talking.

We’re so thrilled that weddings are back on, celebrating beautiful couples finally exchanging their vows and saying I Do.

If you’re in the early stages of your wedding, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Alternatively, ask your wedding planner to contact Table Art today to learn more about linen hire all across Australia.

We work closely with event and wedding planners to help bring your classy vision to life!

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