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- 16th Oct 2019
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Our linen hire team shares our favourite romantic wedding theming

Rustic, industrial, luxury glam: over the years, you’ve probably attended weddings matching all kinds of themes. 

No matter the chosen theme, the principal is the same: every element should be pulled together in harmony.

The romantic wedding theme has stood the test of time, and really, it’s no surprise why…

What better theme to choose for your wedding day – today, it’s all about love!

Choose your favourite elements to create a soft, romantic, and whimsical setting for your special day.

Not sure if the romantic theme is right for you?

Think again.

This particular theme is not clear-cut – it can be interpreted and personalised even further to better reflect you and your partner’s style, preferences, and relationship. 

Here are just some of the ways the romantic wedding theme can be translated during your big day!

Classic romance

We couldn’t start a list about romantic wedding themes with anything other than the classic!

Blush, white, and neutral with touches of greenery is a popular theme – and it’s pretty clear to see why!

A heavenly combination of crisp, light shades is modernised with lush greenery; from ceiling installations to centerpieces, and of course, weaved within the bride’s bouquet.

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A timeless colour palette of soft hues like blush, peach, and ivory translates to a timeless romantic theme.

Texture adds dimension and a touch of luxury, so on your tables, consider woven linen hire teamed with our Marshmellow Velvet napkins, or a neutral weave cloth overlaid with sheer chiffon, like our Rosewater Chiffon. 

Romantic glamour

Romance your guests with the classic theme injected with a little bit of glam!

Think metallic tones, lots of fairy lights, and a striking centrepieces – that’s what glamour is all about.

Roses and hydrangeas combine to elevate the romance theme, while an assortment of vases including glass cylinders or gold dipped can be filled with flowers or candles. 

Soft candlelight is a staple of any romantic theme, but turn up the glamour factor with crystal candle holders in an assortment of sizes and shapes.

Chic and minimalist

Romance, we’d like to introduce you to minimalism.

You might think these two themes are a complete contradiction of each other, and in their most general forms, you might be right!

The minimalist approach is all about paring back your decor for a cleaner look that makes the decor you do keep stand out even more.

Minimalism can be interpreted so many different ways: it can meet rustic in an industrial theme, or modern, where geometric shapes and colours are played up.

In this case, however, the goal of romantic minimalism is to convey an airy, carefully curated, crisp-yet-delicate look. 

Our table linen hire experts perfectly combine a romantic theme with a minimalist edge, that above all, represents your style and personality.

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Glamorous monochrome

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re strong believers in the enduring style trend that is black and white.

Chic, classic, and timeless, monochrome styling finds itself as the theme of choice for weddings, events, and celebrations of all kinds.

Better yet, the black and white theme can be personalised with injections of colour, whether that be neutrals and greys or splashes of emerald, navy, and of course, the ever-popular blush. 

Read more about our love of monochrome in this blog post.

Keep in mind that technically, monochrome doesn’t necessarily need to refer to black and white. It can also be interpreted as a single colour, for example, blue, but with styling incorporating all different tones of blue, like navy, denim, cornflower, with contrasting dashes of blush, silver, or gold.


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Boho romance

Elegant, chic, and a touch of rustic – the boho trend first soared in popularity a few years ago, reaching its height in 2005, but has evolved and become more refined, cementing itself as a timeless and stylish wedding theme. 

A touch of rustic teamed with pops of romance, the boho theme can be personalised to reflect your unique style.

From meadow flowers and floral arches, to beautiful blooms adorning each table, boho romance revolves heavily around florals. Draping fabrics hanging from the ceiling creates a whimsical, dreamy atmosphere.   

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More ways to bring your romantic wedding theme to life


One of the most important components of a wedding day, the music playing during particular moments can lend themselves to your overall theme.

Brides- and grooms-to-be may find themselves spending hours researching the most romantic songs throughout history, choosing the right tune for the walk down the aisle, their debut as a married couple, and of course, the all-important first dance. 


From types to colours and arrangements, choosing flowers for a wedding can seem overwhelming. 

Roses are of course the emblem of romance, but think about other complementary florals too, including peonies, tulips, lilies, camellias, and carnations. 

Lower the lights

Inject instant romance to a softly-lit space, filled with festoon or fairy lights, and of course, an abundance of candles! A special glow evokes an enchanting, warm, and romantic look.

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Create the ultimate romantic wedding with linen hire from Table Art

The table setting is one of the most important elements when it comes to styling a wedding (or any other kind of event, for that matter!)

Whether your romantic style is classic and refined, or whimsical and dreamy, get the theming and look right with table linen hire with Table Art.

Our expert team can mock up luxurious table settings that bring your romantic vision to life, expertly pairing colours, textures, and tableware to create a beautifully styled setting.

Working closely with event stylists in Melbourne, Sydney, and anywhere else in Australia, our team plays its part in bringing your overall theme to life.

Want to explore our table cloth hire? See our full catalogue here, or check us out on Instagram for endless styling inspiration!


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