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Vase Hire

Fill them with flowers or fill them with candles: whatever your theme, you’re sure to find the right vases to complement your vision.

  • White ceramic vases are complemented by vivid floral hues
  • Gold dipped vases are classy, elegant, and so pretty
  • Plain cylinder vases can be styled your way!
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Gold dipped cylinder vases hire

Gold dipped cylinder vases assorted

Glass cylinder vases

Glass cylinder vases

Available in following sizes: 12.5cmx16cm, 12.5cmx30cm, 12cmx11cm, 12cmx25cm, 15cmx10cm, 15cmx25cm, 20cmx10cm, 23cmx10cm, 27cmx8cm, 30cmx11cm, 39cmx16.5cm, 50cmx17cm, 60cmx17cm