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- 24th Nov 2021

What you need to consider when comparing table size vs. linen size

You’ve finalised your guest list and received all your RSVPs.

The venue is booked, and your floor plan is finally sorted: you know how many tables, and how many guests per table, will fill up your event space.

Now, it’s time to determine your table linen!

What are standard tablecloth sizes?

Ah, if we had a dollar for everytime someone asked a question in relation to a ‘standard’ trestle table dimensions or tablecloth size.

Let’s just say, we’d be a wealthy bunch! Trestle tables come in a huge range of widths and lengths, so when it comes to tablecloth hiring, what you consider ‘standard’ can vary considerably.

Table Art offers a range of elegant table linens for weddings and events in a range of sizes and dimensions, to suit both rectangular and round tables.

Our extensive catalogue also includes table runners as well as luxe napkins. Explore our linen catalogue here and get inspired by past events over on our Instagram page.

How much should a tablecloth hang over?

The desired drop for each table can depend on a variety of factors, including your own personal taste.

In many cases, we can usually split the table drop into two broad categories: short and long drop.

Short table linen drop

A short drop typically extends anywhere from X to Y cm on each side of the table, and conveys a polished yet casual look.

A short drop is a great option for daytime and/or outdoor events, as well as less formal celebrations such as kids’ birthdays and luncheons.

Long table linen drop

On the other hand, a long drop instantly oozes that glam, sophistication, and elegance; a long drop is ideal for a wedding, formal event, or any sort of evening celebration.

Covering the entirety of the legs, there are two options for the drop:

  • It can end right when it hits the floor for a clean and polished look, or,

  • Underlays such as chiffon can drape onto the floor, creating more texture and resulting in a whimsical, romantic, and dreamy atmosphere

elegant table linen for wedding
wedding table runners

Confused by your linen needs? We’ll take care of it!

So, by now we hope you understand that when you think of a ‘standard’ trestle table, there really is no single answer.

There are more considerations to make than what you thought, and that the linen size you require can depend on not only the table sizes, but also the look that you want to convey.

Additionally, we think about all those other tables you might forget, such as the cake table, present table, or DJ table – each of which may differ in size but also needs to be cohesive with the rest of your styling.

How many tablecloths will I need?

For rectangular tables in particular, the most important thing you’ll need to tell us (in addition, of course, to how many tables you’ll have) is whether they will be joined or setting them individually.

The reason is because if tables are joined to create the illusion of a single, long table, you might need less linens than if each table were sitting independently.

This critical information helps us tailor your linen package to meet your exact needs – and will even save you money along the way!

Need something custom?

If you have unique dimensions or something totally bespoke in mind, we can also craft fabulous custom tablecloths. You choose the size, fabric, and colour, and we’ll work our magic. Learn more about our bespoke table linen service here.

Contact Table Art today for table linen in Melbourne and Australia-wide

At Table Art, we’re unashamedly obsessed with event planning and table decor.

From table linen (of course!) to styling details including candles, flowers, and centrepieces, we can’t get enough of designing and implementing stunning table settings.

So whether you need wedding table runners or linen for an event for up to 2000 people, we’re the team to help.

With decades of experience and an intricate knowledge and understanding of table linen, we can help advise you exactly on how many linens you need, and their dimensions, when planning your next event.

All you need to do is provide the dimensions and number of tables, and we’ll do the rest!

For table linen in Melbourne and Australia-wide, give us a call on (03) 9813 2851.

Alternatively, fill in this enquiry form online: tell us a little about your event, including the venue, date, and number of tables – if you know. We can’t wait to help bring your celebration to life!


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