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- 25th Sep 2020
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4 decor mistakes your table stylist in Sydney ensures you won’t make!

Event planning is fun, exciting, rewarding, and stressful – all rolled into one!

It’s no wonder you need to have a huge amount of stamina, an eye for design, and unlimited passion to work in the event planning industry!

Take it from us: while we live and breathe event planning, we understand that it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes for guests to enjoy the final “product” – your event!

Whether a wedding, corporate event, or private celebration, the key to a successful event lies in the details.

Get these right to avoid a major headache, whether that’s wasted time, wasted money, or both!

Need linen hire in Sydney for an upcoming (COVID-safe!) event?

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1. Hiring the wrong size linen

Short, awkward linen that barely covers the side of the table. (And yes, we can see those boxes full of brochures peeping out from underneath!)

Flowing fabrics that look like an overgrown weed, suffocating your table (not to mention, becoming a tripping hazard!)

Choosing the wrong size table linen is one of the biggest mistakes we see people making.

There are two major causes for this mistake:

1) Those who are doing it themselves simply don’t realise the measurements associated with linen and tables

Your table linen stylist, on the other hand, has intricate knowledge and experience choosing the right size linen for your table, no matter its measurements. 

We’ll help you find the right size for not only your table surface, but for the drop over the side, ensuring it meets your theme and vision. For example, a shorter drop looks neat and polished, while an overflowing drop can add to a whimsical or romantic theme.

2) Relying on your venue’s stock standard linen

Boring, cheap quality linen is a staple of many event and wedding venues across the country. It’s hard to rely solely on your venue’s linen, as in many cases, it simply won’t match the tone or theme of your event; it’s pretty blah, to be frank. 

Poor quality linen cheapens the look of your event, and, to put it bluntly, can look pretty bad!

Instead, choose quality linen hire in Sydney to perfectly match your tone, theme, and style. 

linen hire in Sydney

2. Trying to do it all yourself

Pinterest can act as a motivator, inspiring you to take control of the situation and do it all yourself. But remember, Pinterest or Instagram are a “highlight reel”, showing you the best of the best!

No one’s sharing the 10 different phone calls they had make to suppliers who mixed up the delivery address with the billing address, or the countless trips to a variety of stores to find the right candles for your event.

The final, beautiful outcome is the result of a busy team spending countless hours working hard to bring your event to life. 

A word of caution, please! Think hard whether this is something you want to tackle head-on, all by yourself.

3. Forgetting about the other tables

OK, so you’ve organised linen for the dining tables. But it totally slipped your mind that there are other tables involved, too!

That might be the DJ station, gift table, cake table, or registration table. Each serving their own important function – but will look totally out of place compared to your beautifully styled dining tables.

Your planner in Sydney will take all of these elements into consideration, ensuring no table is left bare during your event!

table stylists in Sydney

4. Miscalculating or not fully understanding the size of your venue

You don’t have a thing for numbers or geometry – and that’s OK!

So why are you trying to figure out how many rectangle tables, each seating 8 people, can fit into your venue’s layout?

Seating styles, table sizes, chairs – it can get really confusing!

Worst of all, if you’re not experienced, you’ll make accessibility mistakes, resulting in people awkwardly and uncomfortably maneuvering in and out of their chairs and around your space. 

Seating style will depend on the purpose of your event, venue size, and number of guests. 

Classroom, herringbone, theatre, U-shape, banquet… these are just some of the ways you can arrange tables and chairs.

Combine that with key factors like the purpose of your event, venue size and shape, and number of guests, and it can get pretty overwhelming.

Too confusing? We get it, truly! So let us help!

 linen hire in Sydney

Our linen stylists in Sydney are here to help!

With decades of experience in the events industry and close working relationships with some of Australia’s biggest and best event and wedding planners, Table Art is your go-to team for any assistance, insight, or advice for your next event!

For all your linen needs or to get a quote for linen hire in Sydney, contact our team today!

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