Should you buy or hire table linen? Our experts weigh in!

You mightn’t think it as monumental as the wedding dress or party playlist, but truth be told, table linen play an important role in your wedding or event decor - both aesthetically and practically! Tablecloths, napkins, runners… choosing the perfect one can be challenging. Just as challenging? Finding enough table linens for your upcoming celebration! Choosing a table linen is [...]

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Our table linen experts share styling tips for your corporate Christmas party

Let’s face it: the year-end Christmas party sometimes gets a bad rap. Poorly planned and styled parties often feel daggy or just plain boring. But yours doesn’t have to be that way! With a great menu, festive atmosphere, and a stellar playlist, your company Christmas party can break free of all the old cliches and stereotypes. Another tool for making [...]

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Spice up your Christmas with these four unique Christmas table settings

While the silly season is primarily a time to get the family together, celebrate, and unwind, there’s no denying that there’s also a lot of showing-off going on. Many of us will also be playing host to our in-laws, friends and colleagues - in other words, the types of people you’ll want to blow away with your hospitality. Presentation is [...]

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5 Wedding Reception Details a DIY Bride Will Most Likely Forget

Planning an entire wedding yourself can be a daunting experience to say the least. Once the excitement of the engagement has settled, the gigantic task ahead can quickly sink in. At Table Art, we’ve learnt a lot from our brides over the years and listen to what they’ve struggled with most when it comes to planning their wedding. Let us [...]

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