BLOG / 6 fantastic wedding table ideas, courtesy of our event stylists in Melbourne!
- 25th Jun 2019
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6 fantastic wedding table ideas, courtesy of our event stylists in Melbourne!

You’re counting down the days before you say “I do”.

It’s a period of excitement and anticipation – however, it’s also one that’s characterised by stress, as you plan and go over the nitty gritty details of your dream wedding.

You’ve found the perfect venue.

You’ve finalised the wedding menu.

Wedding invites have been sent.

You’ve said yes to the dress (or tux!)

Of course, the work doesn’t end there – you’ll also have to decide what kind of wedding style and overall table setting that perfectly suits your dream wedding reception.

Our event stylists in Melbourne know how hard it can be to keep up with the latest trends – that’s why we’ve put together this list of six unique wedding table decoration ideas, just for you!

Wedding table ideas

Table decoration and styling punches above its weight in terms of impact on your event. Table linen can influence the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your wedding.

Table linens, napkins, overlays, underlays, cutlery and plates… each can bring out the creativity and uniqueness of your wedding, as well as complement your overall wedding theme and style. 

Our event stylists in Melbourne have worked on countless events, including our fair share of weddings.

Naturally, we’re pretty up-to-date with what’s currently on trend in the wide world of weddings. If you want a trendy wedding, we suggest building your wedding styling around…

1) Grey table linen with a touch of blush

This wedding theme creates a soft, delicate ambiance.

As a wedding stylist in Melbourne, we’ve seen many a wedding feature simple grey table linens, paired with blush pink napkins and florals.

It’s a subtle yet pretty design that provides a calming aesthetic to what’s otherwise a very busy and frankly, hectic day. Is it any wonder that this theme is so popular at the moment?

So far this year, we’ve built several weddings around this theme. Every time, the verdict from both our clients and our team was the same: jaw dropping, with a capital J.

Don’t take our word for it? Just have a look for yourself on our Instagram feed.

2) Rich burgundy and charcoal linen paired with candlelight

If you are looking to go with a more atmospheric wedding table idea, we have the perfect design for you.

Dark colours and candlelight will create a warm, romantic theme.

We’re in love with this particular set up created by Lettuce & Co in Melbourne… our table linens took centre stage, of course!

It all starts with rich burgundy tones, paired them with the darker tones of charcoal. If you ask us, these two tones complement each other perfectly.

And finally, to bring some warmth and a little bit of light to the table, we suggest using candles. Our antique brass candlesticks compliment this style perfectly.

The candles really made all the difference because they created natural mood lighting. Plus, it’s just more romantic, plain and simple!

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3) Soft layered table linen with blush and white florals

If you love the idea of a beautiful white wedding but want to bring your love of tradition into 2019, there’s an on trend style that does exactly that.

Layering of fabrics is very on trend. Think floating table linen draping on the ends of the tables…

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this work of art we recently created with stylists Weddings of Desire with this theme in mind.

We used our White Sheer Stripe tablecloth and paired it with a soft dove chiffon table runner with the pink tones of our marshmellow velvet napkins.

The addition of the white and pink florals tied the whole aesthetic together, creating a modern twist on the traditional white wedding.  

4) Personalised table settings

We’ve already talked about the importance of table linen, candles and florals. 

What more could there be to talk about?

Here’s an idea: how about personalising your table settings?

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Everybody likes being acknowledged. Instead of leaving your guests to sort through lists and seating plans to find their seat at your wedding, speed everything up by clearly labelling each seat with a personalised card or sign.

There’s a couple of ways you can do this that can compliment any style you may adopt. 

One of our favourite ways is to create a customised placecards like these from State of Reverie.. It’s graceful, elegant and simple – best of all, it perfectly fits into any more traditional theme.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more fun, this perspex coaster from Sketch & Etch we used with one of our past clients might be just what you’re looking for.

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5) Shareable table platters

We’ve seen a lot of soon-to-be newlyweds choosing their menu of late to be served on share platters down the middle of the table.

It’s no wonder this is such a popular trend right now – weddings are social events, after all, and you can’t exactly talk to your fellow guests if you’re too busy looking down at your plate!

By placing food in the centre of the table family style, share platters turn your wedding into a social matter. What’s more, it also makes feeding your guests simpler to boot by cutting down the amount of plates you’ll need.

What’s more, food platters can serve as delicious centrepieces themselves – surround them with candles and floral arrangements and you have a visually-appealing and unique way of presenting your wedding dinner.

For this reason and their visually pleasing design, share platters have become very popular at weddings.

6) The finishing touches

So now you’re up-to-date on the latest, most in-season wedding styling trends. However, we’re not done yet – if you’re looking for a little something extra on your special day, we still have a few ideas to share with you.

For example, say you’re using candles. An arrangement of assorted height cylinder vases and pillar candles will look incredible, and help improve warmth and mood lighting in a way that lone candles don’t manage to provide. 

And if you want something really special to make your wedding table design out, there’s one show stopper you can’t go past : ceiling floral installations.

Yep, you heard that right! An arrangement of fabric and florals suspended from the ceiling are an excellent way to elevate your wedding table design… literally!

wedding table ideas

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