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- 7th Dec 2018
Table linen hire

Should you buy or hire table linen? Our experts weigh in!

You mightn’t think it as monumental as the wedding dress or party playlist, but truth be told, table linen play an important role in your wedding or event decor – both aesthetically and practically!

Tablecloths, napkins, runners… choosing the perfect one can be challenging.

Just as challenging? Finding enough table linens for your upcoming celebration!

Choosing a table linen is just step one.

There’s also the matter of logistics – how are you going to find enough table linens for your wedding?

Three or four might be easy… but what about when you’ve got 10-12 tables getting set up at your venue?

You’ve got two choices: buying table linen or hiring table linen.

Which one’s best for you?

Table Art interviewed by Lenzo

We’ve actually spoken extensively about this in a recent article published on party planning website LENZO.

As one of Australia’s leading event planning services, these guys sure know how to throw a party.

Beyond that though, their website is a treasure trove for endless inspiration, suppliers, and ideas to make your next event truly memorable.

Table linen hire Melbourne

What’s the most cost-effective option?

If you ask us, table linen hire, easily.

Let’s face it: how likely are you to reuse your wedding table linen after you’ve said “I Do”?

And with the amount of money new table linen can cost, that’s a lot of dough being spent on something you’ll essentially be using for a couple of hours.

Simply put, table linen hire is just more cost-effective, end of story. It’s almost always cheaper and doesn’t leave you with a wardrobe full of table linens you can’t find any future use for.

Not to mention, it also means you have more money left over to spend on other parts of your wedding!

Winner: table linen hire

Linen hire Melbourne

Short on space?

Who needs to own a couple dozen table cloths? Sure, you might reuse one or two. But a room full of table linens? Pretty unnecessary, we think!

The solution? Table linen hire.

Not only is it cheaper, but hiring table linen means you won’t have to worry about washing and storing all those excess tablecloths, napkins, and runners.

Let’s compare that with buying table linens.

Sure, it means you won’t have a single table that isn’t covered. It also means you’ll have a bunch of extra table linens. It’s quality stuff, so you wouldn’t exactly throw it out. Instead, you’ll have to find somewhere to store them.

And with the number of guests at your typical wedding, that can mean a lot of stuffed wardrobes and full garages.

You won’t need to worry about this with table linen hire.

In fact, all you’ll need to do is put them into their bags (provided) and send them back. That’s right – even laundering is on us!

Winner: table linen hire

Hire table linen

How table linen hire can save you time

So you’ve bought enough table linens for your hundreds of guests. Great – now you need to get them ready for your wedding.

Yes, buying your table linen isn’t the end of the story.

You might even have to wash, dry, and press them, getting them primed for your big event.

Multiply that by the number of tables at your wedding and you have a lot of work on your hands.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you hire table linen, it comes to you already washed and ironed – all you or your stylist has to do is lay it on the table.

And once vows are made, stomachs are filled, and toasts are presented, you won’t need to add “cleaning table linens” to your list of post-wedding responsibilities.

Winner: table linen hire

Table Art Melbourne

More than just table linen

Get the full package with Table Art!

At Table Art, we do much more than just rent out linens. We’re artists of sorts – and your table settings are our canvas!

Colour, fabric, size, design… tell us what you want and we’ll find table linens and settings that come together perfectly for a wedding reception or event that looks and feels fantastic!

If you know you don’t have the eye to do everything all at once, then let the experts help you bring your event style and theme to life.

We live and breathe stunning table settings, so if you’re planning an upcoming wedding, birthday, or any other exciting celebration, get in touch!

Call us on (03) 9813 2851. Can’t talk right now? No worries – tell us a little about your event here and we will be in touch.

Alternatively, click here to flip through our catalogue.


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