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- 14th May 2021
Wedding table cloths

How do you choose the right wedding and event tablecloths?

Planning a wedding (or other large event) is often as overwhelming as it is exciting. There’s a lot to plan and consider, and without proper help, can be difficult to do on your own. One such consideration is how to choose wedding table cloths, how many you will need, and what size and drop they should be.

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry – with a little assistance from the Table Art pros, we’ll help you understand exactly what sorts of linens you need to tie your entire theme together and create a beautiful and cohesive setting.

How do you choose wedding tablecloths?

There are three factors we consider to be the most important when it comes to choosing tablecloths for your wedding.

The first two are all about the look and style of the wedding, while the third is a little more practical, and has to do with your budget.

Factor 1: Have you thought about your wedding theme?

Choosing a wedding theme can be just as daunting as it is exciting!

There are a heap of options to choose from, while each can be blended with another to create a theme fusion, of sorts.

From boho chic and glamorous to traditional and rustic, the sky really is the limit.

However, picking your theme is an important step you’ll generally try to take quite early on.

Modern romantic wedding theme

For example a romantic wedding theme can be modernised with a neutral tablecloth base, such as our ever-popular Whisper Weave tablecloth, teamed with dusty pink decor.

Mix in rustic elements such as complementary shades of green or blue, and you can achieve a romantic, clean, and modern look.

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Traditional or classic wedding theme

There’s a reason it continues to be one of the most popular wedding themes to ever exist.

It honours the couple’s traditional heritage, and keeps in character with who they both are.

It’s also really flexible, which makes it a perfect stand-alone theme or one on which to base, that can be elevated to meet the couple’s unique traits or personality.

Traditional wedding themes can also be influenced by what’s currently trending.

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Factor 2: Your colour palate will usually come next

A lot of the time, your colour palate is heavily influenced by your theme.

For example, a rustic wedding theme may lean more towards green foliage, rather than brightly coloured flowers. As such, your colour palate and by extension decor will reflect your chosen theme.

That might call for more muted tones, but not necessarily always neutrals.

For example, a dusty pink or sage green tablecloth can work as your base, while we also have the option of injecting a touch of decadence with our velvet napkins, available in striking Emerald, Mustard, Navy, Mulberry, and Marshmellow.

Find out more about wedding napkin hire here.

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Factor 3: Budget: is it cheaper to rent or buy linens for a wedding?

We’re glad you asked!

The simple truth is that it makes sense – in more ways than one – to hire table linen rather than buy.


Firstly (and one of the most important factors of planning a wedding): the cost. It’s simply much cheaper to hire than it is to buy.


Secondly, storage. Beyond their wedding day, most, if not all people, will not have the need for nor the space to store 15+ linens.

We’ll take care of it!

Thirdly, we take care of it all. From delivery and set up (at your request) to laundering, you don’t have to worry about your linens. They’ll play their part in your special day, but beyond that, they’re not your responsibility!

Discover our wedding tablecloth hire services here.

How much overhang should a tablecloth have?

Goldilocks had a point; she wanted everything “just right”. And we tend to agree with her!

A shorter overhang is ideal for daytime or more casual events, though an overhang that is too short runs the risk of looking awkward or incomplete. The “perfect” short drop should look neat, polished, and contemporary.

On the other hand, a long, flowing overhang is best suited for evening and more formal events, while layers of light chiffon are perfect to add for a whimsical, romantic look.

Unfortunately, there’s no standard drop measurement, as it will all depend on not only the factors above, but also importantly on the height of your tables.

Table Art’s linen experts live and breathe beautiful table settings, so if you need some help making sense of all the numbers, measurements, and dimensions, we’d be happy to chat!

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Have you considered table runners?

Wedding table runners are a fantastic alternative to table linen, for two main reasons:

  1. Hiring table runners is usually more cost-effective than hiring tablecloths
  2. A table runner is a great way to add some linen to your table while still keeping the majority of it exposed. Think a gorgeous timber table full of natural grooves – that should be shown off!

How to choose a tablecloth size

If you’re overwhelmed by all your options and don’t know where to start, might we suggest getting in touch with Table Art?

Our table linen hire experts in Melbourne know exactly what your event or wedding planner needs to hear, and we can help determine the right size linen for each table at your event.

And remember, that goes beyond dining tables. We’re talking about all the other tables, too, like gift tables, DJ stands, and registration tables.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work with your event stylist or wedding planner, get in touch with us today.

We’d love to chat and hear a little about your upcoming event! Fill in this form or give us a call on (03) 9813 2851.


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