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- 15th Dec 2020
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Deck the halls: Christmas table styling ideas

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us.

And to be quite frank, after what 2020 has thrown at us, we’re in desperate need of some festive cheer!

The good news is that small gatherings are finally back on the table – just in time for a gorgeous Christmas lunch or dinner with those nearest and dearest to us.

Christmas is a special time of the year, but this year in particular, it’s even more meaningful.

Get set to celebrate in style this yuletide season: here are some of our favourite Christmas table styling ideas, trending in 2020.

Dark, moody colours

Moody colours are cosy and reminiscent of a colder climate, and as such, a white Christmas.

While chestnuts roasting on an open fire is replaced with dad roasting in the sweltering heat, it’s no secret that we’ve all at least dreamed of a white, snowy, cold Christmas – even if we haven’t been lucky enough to experience one!

Bring that cosy feeling indoors with moody hues including emerald velvet, navy blue, and burgundy.

Pare them back with lighter shades, and if you want, add a touch of glam with accents of gold, silver, copper, or rose gold – think cutlery, tumblers, or candlesticks.

Foliage is the final piece of the puzzle, and you’re left with a sophisticated and well-balanced table setting!

Shades of red and green

Red and green are the traditional colours of Christmas, but sometimes, they can seem a little garish and overdone.

Still want that traditional look, but with a more unique or demure twist?

Add your own touch by selecting different shades and hues of these traditional colours.

For example, you might like to choose a subdued rust shade instead of red, or opt for forest green or emerald green for a luxe twist.

The result is a setting that still says “Christmas” but with a unique, polished, and sophisticated vibe. 

christmas table styling ideas

Neutral tones teamed with a bold colour

There’s a reason they’re called neutral – they can align seamlessly with almost any colour palette!

Don’t overlook natural, nude, and neutral tones as a great base for your setting; you can then add some drama or a unique touch with a complementary bold colour.

For example, we love adding navy blue to a lighter colour palette – it adds dimension without being overbearing or resulting in something that’s too dark.


With a growing movement towards sustainable and thoughtful consumer choices, we’ve seen this trend continue as we enter the festive season.

People are looking to move away from cheap, consumable decorations and accessories, instead moving towards quality products that will last them more than a summer.

Additionally (and particularly after the year we’ve had) the move towards supporting small, local businesses and handmade items has never been more prevalent. 

Another popular trend in the sustainability movement is ditching traditional wrapping paper and instead wrapping gifts in cloth (such as a tea towel) or packing gifts in reusable cloth bags that the recipient can then keep!

Get your own touch of luxury with our linen napkin sets

One example we’re excited to share is our linen napkins. Just in time for Christmas, we’ve created napkin sets in all your favourite Table Art colours and fabrics.

Got a particular colour or fabric in mind? Reach out to us and we can custom-make it!

Come Christmas day, these napkin sets will add a touch of Table Art magic to your setting. 

Best of all, they can be used again and again, reducing your contribution of cheap, poor-quality serviettes to landfill.

(Oh, and they also make the perfect gift!)

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Natural elements

Get back to nature with natural elements to elevate your table, give it dimension, and even add a unique Aussie twist.

The simplicity of the natural theme is favoured among those striving for a refined, fresh, and unique Christmas look.

We love seeing how creative people can get, whether that’s using pine cones as centerpieces, a green wreath dotted with holly or berries with the natural ring on show, or a simple branch tree adorned with fairy lights.

If you don’t have room for a tree (or can’t bear to part with your artificial one) add a touch of foliage – and that unmissable pine scent) by filling some vases with evergreen branches.

Add a few decorations, but don’t overdo it – not only to match with your natural, simplistic theme, but to also prevent the sprigs from toppling over.  

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you

While these are some of our favourite trends, the simple matter is that Christmas decorating is a time for you to explore your own style, preferences, and colours, so really, anything goes. 

You don’t have to follow tradition or trends; so whether your kids want glitter on everything or you’d rather mix and match all your favourite colours, there are no rules!

Christmas is a time for family, so gather the gang together and choose decorations, colours, and patterns that get you all into the Christmas spirit.

So, choose a festive playlist, throw on your ugliest Christmas jumper, and get decorating!

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Table Art will bring your festive vision to life!

Planning a small gathering with family at home?

Corporate Christmas party trading in the dance floor for a sit-down luncheon?

Need a little guidance?

We’d love to help style your event with quality table linen, napkins, runners, and accessories. 

Let us bring your festive vision to life – give us a call on (03) 9813 2851 or contact us online for table linen hire across Australia.


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