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- 7th Jul 2022

Do you need linenon your reception tables?

The date is set, and the venue has been secured.

Invitations have been sent out.

Operations are in full swing!

If you’re planning a wedding or any other kind of large-scale event, you know first-hand how much work is required – as well as how many important people are involved!

From caterers and wedding event stylists to on-the-day staff and decor, each professional you engage with plays their role when it comes to creating a beautiful and memorable event.

At Table Art, our job is to create beautiful table settings you and your guests will love sitting down to. No matter your wedding theme, its venue, and your styling choices, we have the knowledge, experience, and skill to transform your venue.

This week, we look at the importance of tablecloths, and how they play an integral role in tying everything together to create a beautiful, polished, and sophisticated setting.

If you’re interested in table cloth hire in Melbourne, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

Are tablecloths necessary?

In a word: yes!

Table linen helps instantly create a stylish and elegant look that meets your unique styling preferences. While high-quality linens are necessary to enhance your theme and create a high-end and luxe setting.

Do you have to have tablecloths at a wedding?

In most cases, we strongly recommend table linen for all your wedding reception tables; beyond dining tables, this can also include the DJ table, cake stand, and present table, too.

Table linen creates a cohesive, uniform look that brings your theme and vision to life.

What about a bare table?

For those embracing a more stripped back, bare look, you might be tempted to skip the linens.

And in many cases, this can work beautifully – provided you’ve got the right styling team behind you to create something magical!

If you’re thinking about ditching the tablecloths, we can help bring to life alternative visions using complementary items like wedding table runners and linen napkins.

This is a highly popular choice for boho weddings or those looking to emulate a whimsical style.

In such cases, our customers choose to leave a portion of their tables exposed, showing off natural timber, but love the look of a single runner down the centre.

In addition to looking beautiful, a table runner also works as the perfect guide to dictate where decorations, flowers, and candles can be arranged, leaving ample room for guests to easily and comfortably serve their food, chat with their neighbours, and charge their glasses.

What else should be on a table at a wedding?

Your linen is the base on which everything is perfectly arranged.

Each element of your table ties together to strengthen your theme and create a tasteful and beautiful setting.

Complementary accessories and plateware that tie into your overall style include:

Plates and glassware are obvious must-haves

Plates and glassware are perfectly arranged and used throughout the event, but remember: these elements are also taken away at the end of the dining service. That means that your table linen becomes one of the only parts of your decor that remains on the table for the entire night!

Linen napkins are stylish and sophisticated

Linen napkins are a much more sophisticated option than paper napkins, so much so that weddings and events aren’t the only place you’ll find them; they’re becoming increasingly popular even in restaurants and bistros, too.

Menus & place cards are an important part of your overall style

Menus and place cards are playing an increasingly important role in tying your theme together, as the colours, patterns, and fonts complement not only the rest of the venue, but the invitations that were sent out months before, too; A cohesive style that transcends across the entire experience.
Wedding Event Stylists Melbourne

How do you decorate a reception table?

From stunning blooms to delicate tea light candles, Table Art loves creating stylish and romantic table settings.

Just as important as aesthetics is functionality – and while a table may be beautiful to look at, we also need to consider how easy it is for guests to access glasses and shared platters, and converse with those sitting across from them.

If table space is at a premium, look up – raised floral arrangements or even whimsical ceiling installations are a fantastic alternative that draws the eye upwards.

And a final word of warning: if you’re using candles, consider glass sleeves, votives, or vases to protect your guests and reduce the impact of air flow (and aircon).

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Table Art’s talented team works with event planners and stylists all over Australia to help bring to life creative, beautiful, and stylish events.

Table linen hire in Melbourne with Table Art is a sustainable and cost-effective solution to all your styling needs.

Got something bespoke in mind? We also offer custom-made table cloths in Australia to include your brand logo, team colours, and more!

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