BLOG / Dress up your boardroom or bring an event to life with custom linen for corporates
- 11th Jan 2019
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Dress up your boardroom or bring an event to life with custom linen for corporates

Countless hours are spent planning, brainstorming, and presenting in an office boardroom.

It’s one of the most used rooms in a corporate setting, filled with a variety of employees and visitors including existing and potential clients.

It’s a space where your most creative ideas are born, and a room you want to project professionalism to everyone who enters it.

You might have even splashed out on a stunning custom table made from wood, glass, leather, or marble.

Such a table is a gorgeous statement piece, however it instantly becomes susceptible to wear and tear during day-to-day meetings.

Wary of scratches or marks dulling the look of your table?

Table linen transform the way boardroom tables look, adding a high-class style fit for everyday functions or special corporate events.

Custom linen for a corporate boardroom table is becoming a trend for many offices and corporate events.

Custom-made linens are a perfect solution to your office or corporate events, protecting your expensive table and transforming a dull boardroom into a stylish space for employees and clients during special meetings and events.


Get a perfect fit with custom linen

Of course most people can get away with stock-standard sizing for linens on tables like dining tables.

However, it’s a little trickier once it comes down to those grand and often oversized boardroom tables.

These chic, striking tables are often significantly larger than your standard office desk or table, making it a lot harder to find table linen that will actually fit it – and that has a sufficient drop length, too.

Eliminate the drama of searching for the Goldilocks solution with custom table linen – made to your exact dimensions – including the specific drop length you desire.


Ensure quality materials

Custom made table linens deliver high-quality linens tailored to your specific needs. You can be sure that you’ll have the best export quality linens that are stylish, durable, and functional.

Table Art gives you expert advice just in case you are having a hard time deciding on what colour or style suits best to your boardroom table.

We pre-test all of our fabrics to check on the colour fade, shrinkage, and its ability to remove stains so we can recommend the ones that are easy to manage especially when washed.

Custom linen

Feature your corporate style

One of the best things about custom made table linens is that they are made to not only your required dimensions – but are also totally customisable when it comes to colour, fabric, and optional printing, too!

Want to match your logo colours? Done.

Considering a certain fabric? Too easy.

Keen to add your logo or company slogan? Let us know!


Save time and effort

Custom made table linens save you so much time from your attempt to find the perfect fit for your uniquely large boardroom table.

Everything from the dimensions to colour is customised to the exact look you want to project.


Find the perfect custom-made linens for your corporate needs

Table Art styles everything the way you want it to be!

You don’t have to worry about marks and scratches on your wooden, glass, or marble boardroom table as Table Art creates custom-made tablecloths that fit your corporate style.

We even make allowances for laptop cables through the middle of your boardroom table, allowing you to maintain functionality while still improving the style!

Whether you need tablecloths, placemats, or table runners for various corporate events, our expert team understand your need for high-quality and stylish table linen that meets your demands.

Table linen can transform all sorts of corporate events, including:

  • Product launches
  • Board meetings
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Job fairs
  • Promotional events
  • And so much more!

Unique custom products

Table Art provides custom-made linen service that will leave a lasting impression to your staff and clients alike.

We can even create truly unique products, just like these seat covers we created for Gold, Silver, and Bronze ticket holders at last year’s AFL Grand Final at the MCG.

Whether you require custom made table linens for everyday use or an important one-time event, you only need to provide the following information for us to give you a quote for your requirements:

  • Your table dimensions
  • Preferred drop length of your linen from the table down the sides (if you don’t know this or aren’t sure what to choose, we’ll help you figure it out!)

We help you bring life what you have in mind.

Contact Table Art today on (03) 9813 2591 or fill in this form and tell us what you need or what you’ve got in mind – we will be in touch!


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