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- 17th Apr 2020
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Hosting a corporate event? Table linen hire and decor tips

Whether it’s at a corporate breakfast event or a rustic wedding in Victoria’s wine region, your table setting says a lot about the kind of event you’re hosting. 

A key element of your style, your table setting should include elements that bind your theme together, add texture and dimension, be practical, and above all, look fabulous!

This week, we want to concentrate on corporate settings – so if you’re planning a gala, organising a fundraiser, hosting a breakfast event, or launching a new product, you’ll want to keep reading.

Because wherever there is a table, there’s an opportunity to create a beautiful table setting!

Answer the following questions to discover some table decor ideas for your upcoming event, and if you’ve got something else in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We work with event stylists and party planners all over the country to bring your upcoming events to life, no matter the size or industry!

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What’s happening at your event (and on your event tables?)

Most sit-down corporate events will include a meal of some sort – perhaps a casual breakfast, sharing platters, or a more formal 3-course dining setting.

No matter the type of dining experience, you’ll want to ensure that the tables are set up to not only look great, but to offer practicality when people are dining and navigating around plates, water jugs, glasses, and napkins.

That might mean:

  • Avoiding exposed tapered candles if guests will be reaching across the table for the bread basket (we suggest popping candles in vases to avoid a hazard!)
  • Reconsider crowding your table with decor if you’ll be adding share platters along the centre throughout your night

Additionally, think of how long your event is designed to last. If it’s running for more than a couple of hours, choose your candles wisely. Depending on their location (including things like air flow) those cheap 3-hour tealights might not even make it past the main meal!

Find out some more event planning mistakes you must avoid here.

What kind of tables do you need?

Beyond dining tables, many corporate events also require a number of other specialised tables. That might include:

  • Sign-in / registration tables
  • Bar tables
  • Grazing stations or banquet tables
  • Trestle tables for displays

While these smaller tables traditionally don’t require the kind of level of decor your main tables will have, it’s still crucial to include elements pulled from your overall theme, to tie your whole event and venue together.

Another important thing to consider is the size and shape of your tables.

Optimise your layout by carefully planning whether you should have round event tables or rectangular ones.

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What are your corporate colours?

Did you know that with more than 80 colours in stock (and custom-made linen available!) we’re more than likely able to match your corporate colours?

An extensive range of colours, as well as a selection of fabrics, means that we can create a setting that matches your branding – and your theme. 

Having renowned corporate colours (or a signature colour – think Coca-Cola’s red or Tiffany & Co’s blue – both of which are trademarked!) means choosing a colour scheme is one less thing to do!

Want something custom?

How about a totally unique corporate table centrepiece that not only matches your brand’s colours, but can also incorporate your company logo? Check out these wonderful branded centrepieces!

Melbourne-based event design agency JAK Creative can do just that! Find out more about the dynamic duo behind the JAK name here.

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Do you want florals?

One of the easiest (and most beautiful) ways to elevate your theme is with floral arrangements that complement your company colours. 

Want to go all out? A floral ceiling installation is guaranteed to make an impression!

Out of your budget? No worries. You can still gain that feeling with elevated vases or displays to lift florals off your setting, high above your guests. This also helps you avoid overcrowding your tables.  

Why choose Table Art for corporate table linen hire?

Huge collection of colours and fabrics

With a huge range of colours and fabrics, we know we’ll be able to provide linens that match your corporate and company colours.

(And if not, we can source it for you!) 

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – there’s nothing we love more than sitting down to a beautifully styled table.

We think of things others don’t!

We’re more than stylists – we’re styling experts who understand the intricacies of event styling. We ask the right questions to get the right answers, and can even provide step-by-step instructions for your venue for a successful and seamless set-up. 

We look at your tables beyond linen – we understand fabrics drops as well as how plates, cutlery, glassware, and decor can fit.

We love linen!

It’s simple – at Table Art, we live and breathe table linen.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the events industry throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and the rest of Australia, we understand the positive impact quality table linen and a stunning table setting can evoke for you and your guests. 

We’re passionate about bringing your vision to life and love working in a dynamic, energetic, and exciting industry!

More than table cloths

In addition to table cloth hire, we also offer napkins and table runners to suit all kinds of events.

If your budget doesn’t allow for linens, runners are an excellent alternative! We love them running down the centre of a timber table, leaving the natural beauty exposed.

Napkins can also add a pop of colour and texture to your table setting. 

Contact our linen hire team today!

Want to learn more about corporate linen hire? Visit this page or get in touch with us today – we’d love to chat. Give us a call on (03) 9813 2851 or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.


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