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- 29th Jan 2020
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Linen hire considerations for styling different kinds of tables

Unless you’re in the event planning industry, it’s likely that you don’t think about tablecloths too often!

However for those of us who live and breathe styling, it’s no surprise to learn that different kinds of tables often need unique considerations to ensure styling is done to perfection.

Different shapes, heights, and purposes evoke a whole range of options for each table that is a part of your event.

Your table linen hire team has expert insight into exactly what you need for all kinds of tables to ensure your styling is cohesive, sophisticated, and above all, beautiful!   

Table styling considerations

Table height

Your mind most likely wanders to a standard dining table height – often referred to as chair height – but remember that a variety of events might include a variety of tables, all at different heights.

However your event might also call for bar or cocktail tables, entrance / gift tables, and dessert tables.

Each of these tables can be a different height, so it’s important that the size of your table linen is appropriate for the kind of table you’re styling.   

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Drop length required

Of course, the height of the table, combined with the drop length you require, will dictate the size of your table linen hire.

It’s common in restaurants that a drop length usually reaches no further than a diner’s lap, however for more formal settings, a tablecloth will reach all the way to the ground.

Not sure what size you need?

No worries – our table linen hire team will ask the right questions to ensure you get the right linen table cloths for your table settings and your floor plan! We also provide your events team with instructions for a seamless set up. 

And remember, you don’t have to rely on your venue’s table linen. 

Table surface material

Ugly marks or scuffs on your table’s surface?

No problem – cover them up and create a stunning table setting with quality linen hire, and your guests will be none the wiser!

On the other hand, a beautiful natural timber surface deserves to show off – why not consider a chiffon table runner, adorning the centre of the table, leaving the wood exposed under plates, cutlery, and napkins?

Round tables

Round tables are ideal for a more classic, elegant, and intimate setting, as guests all face a common centre.

From a practicality standpoint, guests can easily get in and out of their chair, and wait staff can move comfortably between tables.

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Long tables

Long rectangular tables usually fit a greater seated capacity, and convey a relaxed atmosphere.

If the newlyweds choose to buck the traditional bridal table, they can easily slot into a rectangular table, allowing them to sit amongst friends and family. 

Choosing between the two comes down to practicality, including the number of guests and the size you want for your dancefloor, as well as your own personal preference. 

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Bridal tables

Traditionally, the bridal table is a long rectangular table that sits perpendicular to guests, usually at the top end of the room.

However it’s becoming more and more common for modern brides to skip this tradition, opting for a table setting (and location) that blends in more with their guests. 

Depending on your venue (and size of the guest list), you might only have two or three larger rectangular tables for all your guests, wedding party included!

Perfect for low-key brides, the choice to eliminate the bridal table is completely up to you. 

Buffet and dessert tables

Buffet-style dining has soared in popularity over the last few years, as jaw-dropping grazing stations and beautiful dessert buffets have become attractions in their own right.

These kinds of tables usually let the food do the talking, so it’s a safe bet to keep styling simple.

Remember, as much as you want them to look beautiful, you must also ensure guests have easy access to all the decadent food on offer!

Wedding table floor plan tips

As you can see, there are many different kinds of tables you and your event planner need to consider when planning your event.

Getting ready to say I do? Create a cohesive, balanced, and practical table floor plan with these helpful tips:

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Don’t be afraid to ask

Your venue manager does this for a living – tell them the number of guests you’re expecting, and they’ll help you understand the layouts that might work best with your numbers in their venues.

Remember, wedding receptions (and, in fact, any other type of function) can last upwards of three hours, so it’s important that this layout is carefully planned to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests!

Your guest list might dictate the ideal layout

Many venues have floor plan diagrams on their website that change based on your number of guests.

Just like your wedding team, venues have vast experience in creating the perfect layout for your guest list. 

If you’re set on round tables, enquire whether your venue can make it work, even with a larger guest list! 

Your venue also knows that the right layout also makes it easier for their wait staff to move around seamlessly, and enough room for your DJ or band, and of course, the dance floor! 

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Find the common link!

Creating a seating chart can be a pain, so it’s best to start with clusters of people, without regard to table numbers.

Next, distribute groups based on the number of people per table, and try to uncover links between strangers who may share common values, interests, or hobbies. 

Stuck? A unique idea is to seat each guest next to someone they know, and someone they don’t know, in order to fuel conversation and meet new people! 

Styling a table? Call our table linen experts!

There’s nothing the Table Art team loves more than sitting down to a beautifully styled table.

With decades of event styling experience, we ensure all facets of your table styling, down to the smallest of details, is accounted for, ensuring your event, function, or wedding is filled with stylish and beautiful table settings.

We work closely with event and wedding planners across Australia, bringing your unique style, theme, and ideas to life.  

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team: call (03) 9813 2851 or fill in this form. Live in Melbourne? Book an appointment at our Auburn Village showroom. 


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