BLOG / Our linen hire experts share why monochrome will never go out of style
- 25th Sep 2019
Black and white table linen

Our linen hire experts share why monochrome will never go out of style

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress shot by photographer Sam Shaw, on the set of The Seven Year Itch.

Eliza Doolittle’s Ascot dress in My Fair Lady

The dress code at Derby Day.

What do these all have in common? Black and white, of course.

For decades, black and white has been a staple fashion trend, and it isn’t going anywhere soon!

Timeless, elegant, and chic: black and white has found itself on the runway, in film, in art, and in styling.

This week, our table linen hire experts share the top reasons why a monochromatic theme will always be in vogue.

Black and white is chic and elegant

‘Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.’

Coco Chanel

Crisp white alongside dramatic black – it’s a simple colour palette that has the power to convey instant elegance. 

Worried a black and white theme might be too boring?

Think again!

Our table linen hire experts would argue that monochromatic styling is anything but, and instantly adds beauty and grace to your event. 

You might think it’s limiting, but you can actually use black and white in so many more ways: think patterns, textures, and different shades.

Adding pops of grey (or colour – read on!) can also be effective in creating a cohesive and stylish space.

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Monochrome styling is timeless

‘Fashion changes… style endures.’

Mademoiselle Chanel nails it, once again.

Fashion is a fickle thing: we’ve all lived through some of the biggest style trends through clothing (shoulder pads), home decor (linoleum floors), furniture, technology, and even cars (remember the VW Beetle trend of the early 2000s?)

Trends come and go, but style? That lasts forever. 

So it’s really no wonder the crisp, stylish, and elegant black and white theme finds itself firmly at the forefront of stylists’ and designers’ minds (including our very own table linen hire team), year in and year out. 

Black and white lends itself perfectly to a splash of colour (or neutrals)

One of our favourite styling tricks is to inject a splash of colour into a monochromatic table setting.

Whether that’s through napkins or florals, this new colour introduces an instant vivacity to your table setting.

Below you can see this in action: our Winter Weave table linen and Black Weave napkins have been styled alongside a beautiful arrangement of pale pink, white, and peach florals. 

Other ways to introduce colour are through napkins, furniture (such as chairs), stationary (like place cards and menus), or centrepieces.

Monochrome can be dressed up… or down!

Thin stripes usually lend themselves to a more laid back, or daytime, soiree, while thicker stripes are perfect for adding glam to an evening timeslot or more formal event.

Layering plays a large role in almost any table styling, but even more so for a monochromatic look.

A limited colour palette only encourages our table linen hire stylists to play around with different textures and layers to create dimension, contrast, and depth.

So, a monochromatic table setting can bellow “glamour” as much as it can whisper “minimalist” – it all depends on how it is styled!

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I like the idea of monochrome… but I think I want some colour, too!

Adding a pop of colour to your black and white theme only helps to elevate it and give it a little special je ne sais quoi.

It also makes your table setting that much more unique, allowing you to inject a little of your personal taste into your overall black and white theme. 

Whether that’s a bold, punchy colour, or a softer shade, you’re only limited by imagination. 

However, if you are in fact looking for a little more guidance, we’re sharing some of our favourite colours that you can combine with your monochrome theme.

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We like adding a pop of green to a black and white theme, as it lends itself perfectly to the foliage and florals that are likely to adorn the room and tables.

Use it sparingly as an accent colour and see it almost magically tie your entire room (including foliage!) together.

Some of our favourite green hues include our Seafoam Weave and our Duck Egg Stripe.


Blush may be having its ‘moment’ but truth be told, it’s always been a timeless and chic shade.

Just like shades of green, pastel or blush tones can help elevate the florals in the room, including bouquets and floral installations.

Add an abundance of soft candlelight for a truly romantic look!

Consider our Rosewater Chiffon or Dusty Pink Stripe table linen hire. View the full catalogue here.

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Emerald green 

For a more dramatic look (and for some gorgeous texture) we recommend a pop of colour using our emerald green velvet napkins.

Not only is this an easy way to weave in colour, but napkins on each place setting keeps the pop of colour consistent on your tables.

See our Emerald Napkins here.


For a bold look, navy can be injected into your monochrome theme.

A crisp white foundation can really make navy pop, while on a darker backdrop, navy and black evokes a moody and sophisticated look.

Table Art has a variety of navy linen for hire, including Dark Navy Chiffon, Navy Poly, Navy Weave, and our Royale Velvet napkins. See them all here.

Enjoy a stylish and chic monochromatic event with Table Art’s linen hire

Whether it’s a formal dinner for a corporate launch or a wedding for hundreds, choose Table Art’s linen experts to bring your styling vision to life!

Why buy table linen, when you can hire linen for a fraction of the cost? Better yet, there’s no need to launder or store all that excess linen when you hire it!

Love the idea of a stylish, monochromatic event? Our table linen hire experts are ready to inject some sophistication in your upcoming celebration!

Tell us a little about your event here or give us a call on (03) 9813 2851 for a chat.

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