BLOG / Our linen hire team shares table styling tips for a luxe rustic wedding
- 11th Sep 2019
Rustic wedding style

Our linen hire team shares table styling tips for a luxe rustic wedding

With so many beautiful winery venues dotted all throughout Australia, it’s no wonder that many couples lean towards the rustic style for their wedding day. 

Perfect for those seeking a stylish, cool, and relaxed kind of theme, rustic weddings have evolved beyond your typical farm-like influence.

Customised to a couple’s personal taste, the rustic theme has expanded to include more bespoke ideas and styling.

Once such influence? The glamour of a decadent wedding tied in with a rustic theme, resulting in what the industry has coined a “luxe rustic wedding”.

Curious to learn how you can inject some glam into your wedding, while still honouring your overarching rustic theme? Read on to find out!

How table linen hire brings a luxe rustic wedding to life

Show off timber tables with the right table linen hire

Table runners

A favourite styling tip of ours is table runners.

Show off a gorgeous timber table, accented by a stunning table runner through its centre.

Not only does a table runner look beautiful, but it also helps you manage your table layout: decor, candles, and flowers can be styled on the runner, while the exposed table is kept free for plates, cutlery, and napkins. 

rustic wedding style

Sheer tablecloths

Alternatively, you could choose sheer tablecloth hire to create a soft, romantic, and luxe feel, without compromising your rustic theme – show off beautiful natural timber with a sheer tablecloth.


Soft, romantic candlelight is one of our favourite styling tips. 

Suitable for almost any kind of wedding them, candles provide warmth and comfort within all types of venues.

They also instantly evoke a romantic feel.

table linen hire

Draped, flowing fabrics

Want to luxe up your rustic theme even further?

You can cover your tables in gorgeous weave fabrics which can drape on the floor at the end of each table.

Our weave table linens add texture, structure, depth, and warmth to your overall theme.

Explore our table linen hire catalogue.

Inject bursts of silver or gold

The easiest way to inject a bit of glam into your theme, while still honouring the overall rustic feel, is to add bursts of silver or gold through cutlery and other small accessories, like tealight holders or lighting.

Worried gold cutlery will stand out too much? Opt for a matte finish to tone it down a little.

linen hire

Incorporate a pop of colour

As you might imagine, the rustic theme is heavily hinged on natural materials and neutral colour themes. So why not make the theme your own with a pop of colour?

If you’d rather keep a neutral tone as the basis of your table setting, consider adding coloured napkins. Taking up much less real estate than your table cloth, napkins are a subtle way to add balanced colour to your rustic table.

Speaking of colours…

rustic wedding style

Carefully consider your colour palette

A rustic wedding theme lends itself, as we mentioned earlier, to natural and neutral tones. If you’re set on the theme, you’re probably now thinking about how you can build your colour palette. 

We suggest starting with colours and tones naturally found in nature.

That could be anything from sky blue to forest greens and even blush pinks. To honour your theme, you’ll probably want to stay away from anything that feels artificial – like neon.

More tips for a luxe rustic wedding

Choose the right wedding photographer

Capture your lifelong memories in the right style – choose a photographer who has experience creating laid back, casual, and more candid shoots, that perfectly lend themselves to the rustic wedding style.

You might consider steering clear of highly posed and edited photography; instead, capture the theme of the day through candid photography that highlights, above all else, the love in the room!

Think outside the box for your wedding bouquet

We’ve seen foliage take over weddings the last few years, and a newer, emerging trend takes a step away from traditional bouquets, too.

Dried flowers make for a great keepsake, and are a perfect complement to your rustic wedding theme.

rustic wedding style

Refined rustic weddings are brought to life with table linen hire

You might think that name ‘refined rustic’ is a bit of an oxymoron, but as the rustic theme has grown, we’ve seen couples try to mirror the theme, which can quickly become kitschy. 

Instead, we try to balance the overall rustic theme by injecting elements of polished luxe.

One way to do that?

With stunning table linen. 

Our event stylists have worked their magic on all kinds of weddings, from boho beachside to luxury decadence. Nestled somewhere in between these is the ever-emerging rustic wedding theme, and its evolution to pull elements of rustic together with polished, structured refinement.

Tying in with your theme, our table linen hire experts create refined rustic table settings that help bring your dream wedding theme to life.

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