BLOG / Our event stylists share 3 event styling tips for a winter setting
- 29th May 2019
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Our event stylists share 3 event styling tips for a winter setting

What’s the first thing you notice when you turn up at a function? Is it the menu, the night’s itinerary or the people you’ll be sharing the night with?

No – chances are, the first thing you notice is the decor!

Event styling goes a long way to building atmosphere and ambiance.

In particular, table linen adorned with stunning table settings can help to bring life into empty space, light up dark rooms and warm cold halls.

With winter so close, warmth is the season’s trend. Our event stylists get a lot of calls about creating warm winter table settings and event styling.

You might be intimidated by the concept – we don’t blame you. Many people find themselves at a loss as how to bring warmth into a room during the coldest time of year.

Want to bring warmth into your dinner party, company event or celebration and keep the cold outside?

Our event stylists in Melbourne share three table setting ideas that are sure to warm up even the chilliest of evenings!

Midnight Stripe

Use warm earthy tones for your decorations and table linen

The easiest way to bring some warmth to your table is with colour – specifically, earthy and warm tones.

More specifically, we suggest avoiding shades of blue colours.

After all, blue is the colour of cold and sadness – the very last thing you want to be feeling during your winter event!

Instead, we suggest stick to the different shades of brown, orange, red, yellow and green.

And when it comes to table settings, we suggest using complementary and contrasting colours to really make your table settings “pop!”

This creates a warm, earthy colour – throw some flowers in the middle, and you’ve essentially recreated a springtime scene!

Table Art is your go-to team for table linen hire.

What’s more, our table stylists are some of the best in the business –  Table Art has worked with a number of esteemed institutions and brands including Melbourne University, NAB, AFL and the Australian Government.

Rosewater chiffon table runner

Table linen styling: it’s all about layering

We drape rugs and blankets over our couches.

We pull out our scarves and throw coats over our jumpers.

So why not extend that idea to the table settings at your event?

Layers create the idea of warmth and provide a cosy, toasty aesthetic.

In terms of table settings, that means hiring multiple table linens, runners and mats and placing them on top of one another.

Table linen

Start by choosing a tablecloth.

This step is important, as it provides the first and most substantial layer of your table setting.

You may like to choose a simple base colour with little to no pattern.


When you select your placemats, choose a textured fabric, like our round woven or rattan placemats.

This textural accessory provides a warmer feeling as opposed to a hard plastic or wooden placemat.


Finally, when you choose your plates, bowls and glassware, go rustic.

This style is so “in” right now (and isn’t looking to go anywhere too soon!) and exudes an aura of familiarity, comfort, and style.

Use wooden chopping boards to serve shared food. Ceramics and stoneware are also very popular at the moment, perfectly complementing the warm, rustic vibe.

The use of multiple textures will draw attention to the layering effect, intensifying the warm winter aesthetic.

Need items for your table setting? Our table linen hire service offers a huge range of tablecloths, runners and placemats in a range of soft, warm materials – click here to explore our catalogue.

Oatmeal Weave

Keep your guests warm with your centrepiece

We briefly touched on this above but honestly, this point is so important it gets its own section!

The best centrepiece for a warm, rustic, winter aesthetic is flowers, hands down. Flowers are bright, colourful and remind people of spring – about as far as you can get from winter!

Use a soft coloured flower – white is a great choice – and make sure to expose a lot of lovely green foliage.

A great way to bring warmth to your centerpiece is by adding candles. Their beautiful lighting adds instant warmth and calm to a room.

Need a centrepiece? Click here to view Table Art’s catalogue of centrepieces, and browse our range of candlelight here.

event styling tips for a winter setting

Dress your tables to impress this winter!

Call Table Art for table linen hire and event styling

Make your winter event the envy of all who attend, with Table Art’s event stylists in Melbourne!

If you’re looking to hire the perfect linen to bring warmth into your event, you can trust Table Art to deliver.

You don’t need to worry about cleaning the linens either: at the end of your event, all you need to do is place them back into the bags provided, and send them back to us. We’ll launder them ourselves, saving you a bunch of time and money!

You can browse our extensive catalogue of available linens, centrepieces, decorations, and more until you find the perfect colour, pattern, and fabric to suit your vision.

If you’re interested in working with Table Art and want to contact us to learn more about the services we offer, please feel free to call our friendly team of table linen experts! Call (03) 9813 2851.

We look forward to warming up your winter event!


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