BLOG / The return of the dinner party: 2020 corporate Christmas celebrations
- 16th Nov 2020
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The return of the dinner party: 2020 corporate Christmas celebrations

While the majority of the year was spent indoors with no more than your family, housemates, or partner for company, the city of Melbourne has quickly awakened, as Melbournians all over get back into doing what they love best – partying.

Anything calls for a celebration, and with the year we’ve all endured, this statement is truer than ever!

Team that with this gorgeous spring weather we’ve been enjoying, and it’s impossible to miss the fact – Melbourne is BACK!

Corporate Christmas events

As many of us start to slowly return to the workplace, no doubt you’re not only reflecting on the year that was, but also thinking about what you can do in the last few weeks of 2020 to celebrate.

Celebrate what, you ask? Well, we say pretty much anything and everything!

Celebrate your team, and thank them for all their efforts throughout what’s been a year none of us could have ever imagined. 

Celebrate all the birthdays, engagements, pregnancies, and births that took place throughout the year.

Or, as you would any other year, simply celebrate the upcoming festive season (and make sure to kick 2020 to the curb!)

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What will end-of-year celebrations look like in 2020?

Businesses hardly need a reason to celebrate after the last 8 months!

Corporate Christmas parties are going to look a little different this year. 

And while we might have to skip the dancefloor and crazy antics, we’re set to see a resurgence of the classic dinner party.

And we think that’s a brilliant thing!

Intimate dinner parties are classy, stylish, and chic – and are perfect for teams both large and small.

Formal affair

Encourage your team to dress up in their evening best. After a year of hoodies, trackies, and barely any make-up, we think your team will embrace this!

Create an elegant table setting, set with the right foundation – table linen, of course!

Think woven neutrals adorned with light chiffon for a chic, sophisticated, classy look. Add a touch of drama and contrast with decadent velvet napkins in darker hues like navy or emerald.

Add your own twist

Want a more casual celebration?

Consider a daytime event (outdoors, if possible), and get your crew to don themselves in their very best (or worst?) Christmas garb. Santa hats are compulsory!

Whimsical florals in an assortment of colours teamed with beautifully styled table linen, napkins, and other decorations perfectly complement this lighthearted approach. 

Whatever you do, we encourage you to treat your team

This year has been hard for businesses of all sizes across all industries – trust us, we get it!

But it’s also been tough on your team. Months at home have left them feeling disconnected physically from their workmates, and let’s be honest, there hasn’t been much to celebrate during this bleak year.

It’s the perfect way to not only thank your team, but give them a cause to celebrate, motivate them for the year ahead (2021, you better not disappoint us!), reflect on company values, reconnect, and above all, have a really fun time.

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Have an eco-friendly mindset when planning

During the first few months of the pandemic, we have seen some surprisingly positive outcomes for our environment.

As we were forced to hit pause on a lot of our standard activities, the earth seemed to exhale a sigh of relief, with multiple reports noting improvements in air and water quality and less environmental noise.

On the other hand, negative impacts unfortunately included more waste as well as a decrease in recycling.

Individuals and businesses alike are constantly looking at innovative ways to reduce their negative impact on the environment – and planning your Christmas event this year should be no different.

Is it really possible to throw a plastic-free corporate event?

Possible, yes, but we understand it can be challenging. But consciously making these small choices goes a long way in ensuring, at least, a more sustainable, thoughtful, and meaningful event.

We hope these tips will help you organise a celebration that’s kinder to the world. 

Shop local

Not only will you be supporting a small business, but you’re also going to find unique pieces that aren’t mass produced and won’t appear all over your Instagram or Pinterest feed.

Employ a farm to table mentality

Enjoy fresh, delicious, seasonal produce and a sustainable menu while supporting local growers.

Avoid items that will end up in waste

Reconsider your need for plastic balloons, confetti, disposable plates, cutlery, water bottles, and straws.

Make thoughtful choices when it comes to decorations and accessories – and skip the cheap corporate gift that will end up in the bin on the way out. 

Digital gifts

One of the easiest ways to reward team members is with a gift card. Thinking of handing out a few for Christmas?

Skip the physical plastic cards and instead choose an email option. Less waste!

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Rent table linen

Let’s be honest – do you really have the need (or the storage capacity!) to own large quantities of table linen? The answer is probably no.

If you’re hosting a large event and need an array of linen tablecloths for your space, why not hire?

Not only is it more affordable, but it’s easier for you, too: we take care of delivery, laundering, and best of all, can help you style your event and bring your concept to life!

Ready to party? Us too! Linen hire Melbourne

You’ve waited patiently all year to celebrate – so do it in the best way possible!

2020 will indeed be a year we’ll never forget; let’s at least end it on a positive note!

Contact the Table Art team for expert advice for your upcoming corporate celebration. 

We offer table linen hire for corporates in all your favourite team or company colours and can style an event for 2 to 2000 people!

We’re also selling beautiful sets of linen napkins in all your favourite colours and fabrics, including velvet and our woven styles. These sets make a perfect gift for employees!

Emerald velvet napkin set

Email us today to place an order

Make a statement this Christmas with premium table linen and gorgeous table settings – contact us now to book an appointment at our Hawthorn studio or, if you’d prefer, we can meet over video conferencing.

Give us a call on (03) 9813 2851 or enquire online today.


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