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- 12th Nov 2018
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Spice up your Christmas with these four unique Christmas table settings

The silly season is in full swing, and almost every part of our weekends are filled with family get-togethers, celebrations with friends, and corporate Christmas parties.

If you’re one who loves to entertain, you’ve no doubt been thinking about your Christmas parties since it ticked over to November (don’t worry, us too!)

From traditional menus and experimental dishes, to decor, drinks, and everything in between, there’s a lot to organise when it comes to hosting a festive event!

So, how can you make your Christmas setting stand out?

1) Make yours a modern Christmas

Let’s face it, the traditional Christmas colours aren’t for everyone, and sometimes, it’s nice to try something new. 

Looking to break away from the traditional Christmas colour scheme? Got something more contemporary in mind? If so, a modern Christmas theme might be for you.

Muted colours

Currently trending are cleaner, more subdued colours – pastels are particularly popular.

If you’d like to keep the traditional colours of Christmas but want to add a more modern twist, consider avocado green or sage on your table for a more muted appearance.

Christmas table settings green and avocado colour

It’s all black-and-white…

Another idea is to use black and white as the primary colours for your Christmas table setting, using other colours as highlights.

The contrast between these colours creates a sharp, clean image that’s perfect for more modern setups.

Black-and-white too strong for your liking? You can sub out white for cream or silver, and black for charcoal or gunmetal – the choice is yours!

2) White Christmas decor ideas: enjoy a magical winter wonderland (in summer!)

The White Christmas theme is extremely popular – and it’s not hard to see why.

Featuring linens, colours and decorations that invoke the feeling of a snowy winter Christmas, this theme goes perfectly with a traditional turkey, roast ham and pudding.

White table linens and napkins

The purpose of this table setting is to invoke the feeling of a snowy Christmas, so white, cream, and silver should be the dominant shades.

Use gold accents

In addition to bringing sophistication, gold adds a bit of sparkle, just like fresh snowfall!

Use glasses and plates with gold trim – you can even think about a couple of gold baubles or placards to put in the middle of the table as the perfect centrepiece.

Use crystal candle holders and decorations

Another thing that comes with winter is ice.

As such, crystal and glass table decorations are the perfect Christmas table decorations for a winter-themed Christmas feast. Consider using glass candle holders or bringing out that prized crystal water pitcher to add a bit of sparkle to your table setting.

3) A uniquely Aussie Christmas

Alternatively, instead of trying to replicate a traditional white Christmas, you could go the opposite way and embrace our uniquely Australian climate.

And if your menu is light, fresh, or centred around the quintessentially Aussie barbecue, embracing what makes the silly season different down under might be just the ticket!

Go native – literally!

What better way to host a uniquely Aussie event than to replace the usual suspects with native plants? Instead of the traditional red-and-white roses and poinsettias, consider banksias or native Christmas Orchids.

This is such a popular option, that the Australian National Botanical Gardens even has a whole page dedicated to selecting Christmas-themed native plants!

Use warm, rustic colours

Australia has a reputation for rugged beauty and untapped wilderness – so why not reflect that in your table settings?

If you have a wooden dining table, consider replacing your tablecloth with a table runner that exposes more of the timber underneath.

This even extends to table settings – consider using natural napkins or rattan placemats for your Christmas table setting.

Stick to traditional red and green

Sometimes, nothing quite beats traditional red and green for your Christmas decor.

In fact, going all-out can make your event stand out even more – there’s a reason they call it the silly season, after all!

Hire Christmas table linen

Don’t be afraid to embrace the tradition!

Candy canes, reindeer, green-and-red table linens, snowmen… some people think it might be a bit much. But us? We say, embrace it!

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and above all, it’s about having a good time with loved ones.

If you feel most at home surrounded by the traditional decorations and Christmas table settings, then by all means include reindeer and candy cane decorations and go right ahead and hang that piece of mistletoe!

Need inspiration for your Christmas table settings?

We’re here to make it a little easier for you, so whether you’re planning a large corporate celebration or hosting loved ones at home, we’ve got what you need to create a beautiful table setting your guests will love sitting down to.

Hiring table linen for your Christmas event is the first step to creating a beautiful, cohesive look that will wow your guests. Our table linens are high quality and come in a variety of colours and styles to match any theme or colour scheme you’re dreaming of.

Dressing up your tables with our festive holiday tablecloths is an easy way to make a big impact this Christmas season. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a stunningly styled event that will be remembered long after the last present has been opened. Give us a call on (03) 9813 2851 or fill in this form and we will be in touch!



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