BLOG / Winter event styling: embrace the magic of the cooler season
- 22nd Jul 2020
winter event styling

Winter event styling: embrace the magic of the cooler season

A room illuminated with fairy lights and candles.

Overflowing floral arrangements.

A dark, moody, decadent colour palette.

Yep, it’s time to embrace a winter celebration!

If you’ve had to postpone an event, the current climate has likely forced you to think outside of the box, and open your mind to other opportunities you might have previously discounted.

One such? Hosting your event during winter. Our cooler months are tired of being shunned; they’re ready to be embraced and show off the magic that can be achieved with a winter event or wedding!

Off-peak event planning

Hosting an event during winter isn’t a sacrifice; in fact, you can enjoy some attractive positives, too! Namely the fact that demand is lower and often venues are looking to fill their spaces.

You might even get to bypass some of the stiff competition, and lock in a space at a reduced price, compared to an event in the middle of wedding season (September through May), or around the end-of-year holidays.

Winter styling tips for an event or wedding

We know, postponing an event can leave you feeling dejected and disappointed.

We hope this blog post will help you embrace winter and turn your attitude around as you look forward to your new event date next year!

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Choose the right venue for this time of the year

When choosing a venue, you must think beyond the four walls of the room.

That means thinking about…

  • How people will get there – is it accessible by public transport? Does it have adequate parking?
  • Amenities – will your catering company prepare food on-site? Or will they be delivering only?
  • Want to celebrate outdoors? Can the venue provide heaters to keep guests warm, and can you prepare a back-up plan and move indoors, should the weather become unfavourable?
  • Bump-in and bump-out – what time can you arrive for set up? Can you drop goods off a day or more in advance? Or is it all day-of? When does bump-out need to be completed by?

Explore a range of colour themes and palettes 

Deep, moody hues are the perfect accompaniment to a winter wedding!

Experiment with layered, textural, and luxe fabrics, like velvet (one of our favourites!) for that 

decadent, romantic feeling that’s best captured during a chilly winter’s day.

Alternatively, play with colour palettes that compliment your overall theme…

Luxe, polished, and chic

Consider a grey colour palette with pops of white and black for that luxe, monochromatic look. Add dimension and texture with hints of satin or velvet.


No colour theme is perhaps more timeless than black and white with pops of metallics, including gold, silver, bronze, and more recently, the on-trend rose gold.

Soften the look with pale shades.

winter event styling

Traditional burgundy and foliage

There’s a reason why this trend has stood the test of time – it’s perfect for a range of winter themes, from boho to vintage, and everything in between. 

Embrace shades of green, tan, and brown with native foliage, and add pops of burgundy, navy, emerald, and blush.

Enjoy the magic of candlelight 

We’re talking any kind of flickering light – long white tapered candles, candles in glass jars, tealights adorning your tables… embrace the magic and romance of candlelight!

While we love candles and the warmth and magic they instantly create, there are also some practical tips you should follow to ensure safety:

  • Avoid exposed tapered candles on tables where guests will be reaching to fill their plates (e.g. banquet dining) – instead, fill glass jars with tealights or pillar candles
  • Remember that that 50-pack of cheap tea lights you bought from the local $2 shop will hardly last you an entire event – and with factors like air flow, might not even last through canapes! Make sure you find minimum 9-hour burn time

Foliage, flowers, and blooms

Now’s the time to discover a range of seasonal blooms!

From camellias and hydrangeas to dahlias and the always-popular baby’s breath, there’s a whole host of florals ready to be embraced during winter (or by a winter bride!) 

Additionally, consider native foliage and greenery to add texture, warmth, and comfort to your table settings or bouquets. 

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Planning a winter wedding?

Most couples start planning a wedding 12-18 months in advance, so if your special day is booked in for Winter 2021, no doubt all the cogs are well and truly in motion!

Planning to say “I Do!” during the year’s cooler months? Here are some tips you might like to keep in mind…

  • Consider additional accessories for the bride and your bridesmaids such faux fur stoles, capes, or chic cardigans (or opt for a long-sleeve wedding dress!)
  • Don’t forget about your guests – provide throws and blankets on chairs that they can drape across themselves during the ceremony – particularly if outdoors
  • During winter, it gets dark earlier, so keep that in mind when planning your day. Ensure you still have the opportunity for photographs in natural light following the ceremony (Or, opt for a “first look” photoshoot instead!)
  • Get acquainted with a gorgeous range of in-season blooms you might have never considered otherwise!
  • Raining? We know it’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to embrace it! Plan like it’s guaranteed, and work with your vendors for alternative day-of changes (Bonus: it can also lead to some memorable and creative photo opportunities!)

Embrace a winter wonderland

While we mightn’t have the backdrop of snow, a winter wedding or event in Melbourne is a great way to embrace the cooler months, experiment with some different styling trends.

Best of all, it can help you avoid stiff competition when it comes to sourcing a venue and your required vendors.

Hosting a major event (or a wedding) during the cooler months? Get in touch with our table linen team today! Our styling experts work with vendors and stylists in Sydney, Melbourne, and all over Australia to bring your event to life. 

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