//Coastal wedding styling tips from our table linen hire team
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Coastal wedding styling tips from our table linen hire team

There’s a clear distinction between a tropical themed party and a carefully curated and designed coastal style.

The most obvious is that each piece of furniture, each bit of decor, and every shade of colour plays its role, without being overbearing. Instead, they all work together to create a symbiotic flow and connection. 

So while your mind might instantly wander to inflatable palm trees and beach balls, we urge you to set the leis and cocktail umbrellas aside, and learn how our event stylists tastefully create a balanced coastal wedding theme. 

What is ‘coastal’ styling?

Of course, it’s important to remember that ‘coastal’ doesn’t always mean ‘beach’.

Think a regal mansion in country Victoria, perfectly placed overlooking a lake, with sweeping views of the surrounding land – and no sand in sight.

This kind of location can also perfectly suit the light, bright, and inviting vibe evoked with coastal styling. 

A coastal theme is one that uses natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic. It feels airy, comfortable, and beautiful.

And importantly, it’s miles away from the overwhelming and crowded ‘beach-themed’ spaces of the past!

This week, our table linen hire team takes a closer look at the different types of elements that pull together a balanced and sophisticated coastal wedding theme. 

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Coastal theme lighting

Whitewash rattan lighting

This beautiful style perfectly captures your coastal theme – with a contemporary twist. 

Available in a variety of neutral, earthy tones including white, tan, oak, and natural, these lights can become a key element of your overall theme and decor. 

Modern takes on traditional chandeliers

Rattan lace, wicker, natural wood: all of these rustic materials can be found in more modern chandelier light.

Who said chandeliers had to be gold and dripping with crystals?

Ropes, netting, and woven textures

A coastal theme leaning more towards a beach or nautical styling can be highlighted with ropes, nets, and other woven materials.

Think glass and rope table lamps, nautical style wall lanterns, and natural woven pendant lighting.

And of course our favorite type of lighting: candles! Creating the perfect ambiance any time of the day, candles are particularly perfect at dusk, while your guests are enjoying canapes – or as night falls, as the party begins!

Flowers and foliage

Our table linen hire team can agree that crisp white florals are suited to almost any kind of wedding theme, but we love them particularly for a coastal wedding.

Best suited alongside complementary shades, we like pairing white florals with pale pinks, and of course, incorporating green foliage.

Some of our favourite beach wedding florals include lilies, orchids, king proteas, and of course, roses.

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Incorporating seaside shades like blue and green can accent and highlight your theme, but we suggest keeping it subtle so as to avoid looking too garish or kitschy.

So instead, we recommend streamlining your colour palette to follow a more measured and balanced theme.

That could mean an oatmeal weave linen tablecloth topped with sage green plates and our marshmallow velvet napkins, like we’ve styled below.

The goal of a coastal theme is to make guests feel soothed, relaxed, and happy.

Focus on hues that are more muted, that tie in with pastel hues connected to the coast, such as shades of green and blue. 

Where you might feel limited by colour, you can certainly make up with texture! Layer lots of different textures together, creating a comfortable and inviting space. 

We love our woven tablecloths, overlayed with light chiffon table runner, to create a textural, breezy, and beautiful table setting. Explore our table linen hire catalogue here.

Other personalised touches


For a slight boho twist, incorporate macrame – whether it’s on seating, as a part of your backdrop, or even wrapped around your wedding bouquet, macrame instantly adds a boho feel to your coastal or seaside wedding.

Gold, silver, and metallics

Inject a bit of glamour and romance to your wedding with touches of gold, silver, or other metallic tones. Consider gold cutlery and decor including candle holders and vases, and dial up the glam with lots of fairy and festoon lights.

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Showing off beautiful natural timber is a great way to inject a bit of coastal ruggedness to your theme – perfect if you want a more rustic look.

We love a single table runner through the centre of the table, or alternatively, a sheer table cloth that still shows off the raw beauty of timber. 

Contact our event stylists for your next themed event

From glamorous black and white to rustic chic, Table Art has styled tables for hundreds of events for almost 15 years.

With a background in hospitality and event styling, our table linen hire team understand all the elements of a beautifully styled table.

We know what needs to be considered in your set up, and will create bespoke settings that match your desired theme.

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