BLOG / Our linen hire experts explain how to style a Christmas in July table
- 18th Jun 2019
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Our linen hire experts explain how to style a Christmas in July table

Here in Australia, we really get the short straw when it comes to Christmas – we’ve long been envious of the white Christmas we have so often seen in British and American TV.

By contrast, our Christmases find us all in short sleeves, thongs and sitting around an outdoor setting while our families play backyard cricket.

Sure, it’s nice and warm – however, it lacks the sense of cosiness that’s inherent with a wintertime celebration, if you ask us.

Not to mention, sometimes we get unlucky and get a Christmas where it’s simply too hot to do too much!

That’s why so many of us leap at the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July.   

When July rolls around though, we finally have the chance to experience that cosy, Winter Christmas we’ve seen so much of on TV.

And just like regular Christmas, you’ll want to impress!

If you’re planning a Christmas in July event and want your guests’ jaws to drop as when they see your table art, keep on reading – today, our linen hire experts are sharing their best tips for a stunning Christmas in July table setting!

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The perfect Christmas in July table setting and styling – linen hire and more!

When you decide to plan a Christmas in July, the design options really are endless.

You can make a warm, cosy Christmas setting against the backdrop of the cold Winter weather.

Or you could create a cool, winter aesthetic with candlelight and glass votives, eschewing flowers and plants for shining decorations and finishes.

Either of these are good options – the problem is that you may not have all the decorations and pieces needed to turn them into reality!

Luckily, Table Art stocks a huge range of different Christmas-appropriate decorations and table linens, regardless of what theme or styling you’ve settled on for your celebration.

With Table Art, everything at your event from linen hire, to vases, to centrepieces, will all match.

More importantly, they’ll also wow your guests!

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The perfect Christmas in July starts with colour

To create the perfect Christmas in July table setting you need to start by deciding on a base colour.

As we all know, there are four main colours best associated with Christmas – red, green, silver and gold.

Any one of these is a great choice if you’re going for a more traditional Christmas setting.

Traditional red or green base

One interesting idea is to choose red or green as your base, as these bring colour and life to your event.

A good idea is to complement them with metallic silver or gold cutlery, reminiscent of sparkling snow.

In particular, we suggest you stick to rich, deeper shades, like dark green or burgundy, as these lend your Christmas in July a more dignified air.

Sparkling silver and crisp white

And if you want to create a really wintery feel, you could flip that equation on its head and choose silver (or even white) as the base colour!

Silver and white can be complemented with gold for the metal (cutlery, centrepieces, candle holders, etcetera). This will add a touch of warmth, tie in with the light of the candles and compliment your snowy Christmas vibe.

Looking for some inspiration for your base colour? Browse our range of table linen hire to get you started.

Linen hire that’s perfect for your theme

Once you’ve decided on your colour theme, it’s time to get to work looking for the perfect linen and decorations for the table.

If you ask us, table linen hire is what ties everything together – especially in winter.

Don’t make the mistake of not using linen – in the cold Christmas in July atmosphere, layers help create a warm aesthetic that will make your guests feel cosy and at home.

Equally as important is material.

If you want your Christmas in July to feel like the real deal, it’s crucial that you get the right type of table linen.

That means cheap fabrics or plastic sheets are literally off the table – velvet and other rich materials are in.

As a general rule, we suggest playing conservatively with patterns.

If you’ve decided on a minimalist Wintery table setting in particular, you might benefit from linen hire that is a soft white/silver with a subtle pattern.

You can then add crystal glassware, golden cutlery and candle fixtures, and some green holly to add a dash of colour.

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Christmas in July table setting decorations

Now, we know we’ve mentioned offhand a few decoration ideas already. However –  no matter what colour scheme you decide on there are a few essentials you must have:


No Christmas table setting is complete without candles!

Candles will bring the all important warmth to your Australian-flavoured winter Christmas.

Whether you decide on a cosy, red table setting or a cool silver and gold and table setting, the warm light and heat that come with candles is essential.

Green foliage

Whether you decide on sprigs of holly, a rustic, leafy table runner or mini Christmas trees through the centre of the table,  greenery is an excellent choice.

The all-important green leaves or wreath will accentuate the Christmas aesthetic. After all, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a tree, holly or a wreath!

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Explore Table Art’s linen hire and “wow” guests at your upcoming event!

Are you planning a large Christmas in July event?

If so, you’ll need a lot of table linen, decorations, and planning to create that perfect Christmas aesthetic.

Linen hire is the best and easiest way to find the perfect colour and pattern for all your tables.

Our team at Table Art can provide a lot more than table linen; we have all the decorations you need to create the perfect white Christmas!

If you want your Christmas in July to be truly perfect, an event that everyone posts on Instagram, you can hire our stylists to help you out.

Our team has experience styling weddings, and both corporate and private events. We are passionate about design and understand just like you do that the right table right creates the right ambiance!

Let Table Art be a part of your Christmas in July celebrations: fill in this contact form or give our friendly linen hire experts a call on (03) 9813 2851.


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