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- 19th Dec 2019
Outdoor styling play with colour

Outdoor styling tips and tricks from our linen hire experts

We’ve styled hundreds of parties, celebrations, and major events over the years, many of which have been centred around the great outdoors.

There’s something rejuvenating about hosting a party outside. Maybe it’s the sun beaming down, the light breeze, or the sounds that surround us.

Whatever the reason, outdoor parties are a staple during Melbourne’s warmer months.

Thinking about styling an outdoor party? Your only concern will be the weather; we’ve got everything else sorted!

Ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch, with these styling tips and practical hints from our linen hire team.

Outdoor styling ideas


Protecting you from wind and rain, you might consider stylish outdoor umbrellas to ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected weather changes!

Outdoor styling umbrellas

Fresh herbs, florals, and foliage

The perfect accompaniment to your beautiful table linen, we suggest adorning your tables with fresh herbs, colourful flowers, or splashes of foliage.
There’s no better time to embrace flowers than when you’re outdoors!

Table linen

An outdoor setting welcomes a range of colour palettes. Liven up your event with quality linens from Table Art.

How about a touch of coastal, with our textual Whisper Weave teamed with green or blue napkins, with accents of gold or metallic?

Or for something more romantic, stick to natural tones paired with silver, blush, rosewater, or dusty pink.

Table linen does more than just look great – you can even cover up mismatched outdoor tables with beautiful table linen that ensures cohesive style for your event.

Outdoor styling table linen hire

Rattan furniture

Popular in natural tan or white, rattan centrepieces are suitable for a range of outdoor settings.

Choose natural for a rustic look, or white for a more polished, Hamptons-style event.

Additionally, ensure your guests have enough room to sit with rattan armchairs, couches, or even a daybed!

Play with colour

As touched on above, now is the perfect opportunity to play with colour!

You might like to stick to a well-balanced colour palette, but don’t be afraid to add pops of colour through floral arrangements, centrepieces, or napkins.

Outdoor styling play with colour

Important tips and tricks for your outdoor party

Now that we’ve covered the aesthetics, it’s time to move onto more practical tricks to ensure your party is a success!

Let there be light!

Your celebrations might start at 6, but before you know it, three hours have passed, the sun has set, and you’ve been left in the dark!

Ensure you’re prepared for wherever the night takes you with the right lighting.

We love soft, romantic candlelight (in lanterns or tealight holders) but if you need something a little stronger, consider solar powered outdoor fairy lights (so romantic) or festoon lights (which deliver a fun, bright feel!)

In a larger outdoor space, you might also consider garden spike lights to illuminate pathways.

Choose furniture wisely

A seemingly obvious yet often overlooked piece of advise we must start with is choosing the right outdoor furniture.

You might be thinking that means to choose furniture that’s durable and water-resistant, but what we actually mean is choosing furniture that won’t sink into the ground! 

Wrought iron chairs, for example, may look great, but their long skinny legs are prone to sinking into the grass, between pavers, and even between planks of a wooden deck!

Outdoor styling furniture

Safely secure extension cords

If you have to run cords through the yard for speakers or lighting, ensure they’re securely fixed to avoid tripping hazards.

If possible, line them around the exterior of the area (so they don’t have to cross pathways or other areas where guests may walk), and peg them into the grass.

Set up your speakers

There’s nothing worse at an event than a microphone that fails to deliver more than a whisper or pierces guests’ ears with painful feedback.

Or how about a dancefloor with speakers that unnerve guests with a bass that is uncomfortably loud?

Avoid these awkward audio woes with a professionally set up sound system. That means testing equipment before the event, and getting any issues rectified prior to guests arriving!

Hot day? Keep guests comfortable

So you’ve been promised sunshine for your special event… and with that comes the heat. 

The sweltering heat can be off-putting, so it’s important you keep guests comfortable.

You might like to offer:

  • A drinks station that includes ice-cold bottles of water
  • Classic accordion fans in a basket for guests to collect
  • Adequate shade, especially if guests will be standing

Our table linen hire experts bring your event to life!

With more than a decade of experience and a true passion for event styling, our linen hire team live and breathe event planning.

Table linen hire Melbourne

Working with talented stylists, wedding planners, and venues across Australia, our linens adorn tables for countless weddings, events, and celebrations every year.

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