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Deck the halls! Christmas table styling tips from our linen hire team

There’s not much we love more than sitting down to a beautifully styled table… and even more so when it’s during the festive season! As one of the most magical (and busiest!) times of the year, we knew we had to write a blog post sharing some of our favourite table styling tips for Christmas. Whether you’re hosting the Christmas [...]

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Boho wedding styling tips from our linen hire team

If we were still in the early 2000s, you might think of the Olsen twins and Kate Moss when you hear the word ‘boho’.  In 2005, you couldn’t flip open a magazine without seeing hip-hugging peasant skirts, furry gilets, and an appearance at Glastonbury: three core ingredients to nailing the (old) boho theme. While the term has remained, the style [...]

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Our linen hire team shares our favourite summer wedding trends

The weather is heating up, and so too is wedding season. 22% of weddings in Australia take place during our summer months, making it a popular time for celebrations! The thing about wedding trends is that they evolve, grow, and build upon each other, year after year. One such trend that has been consistently growing is how personalised weddings are [...]

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Coastal wedding styling tips from our table linen hire team

There’s a clear distinction between a tropical themed party and a carefully curated and designed coastal style. The most obvious is that each piece of furniture, each bit of decor, and every shade of colour plays its role, without being overbearing. Instead, they all work together to create a symbiotic flow and connection.  So while your mind might instantly wander [...]

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Our linen hire team shares our favourite romantic wedding theming

Rustic, industrial, luxury glam: over the years, you’ve probably attended weddings matching all kinds of themes.  No matter the chosen theme, the principal is the same: every element should be pulled together in harmony. The romantic wedding theme has stood the test of time, and really, it’s no surprise why… What better theme to choose for your wedding day - [...]

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Our linen hire experts share why monochrome will never go out of style

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress shot by photographer Sam Shaw, on the set of The Seven Year Itch. Eliza Doolittle’s Ascot dress in My Fair Lady.  The dress code at Derby Day. What do these all have in common? Black and white, of course. For decades, black and white has been a staple fashion trend, and it isn’t going anywhere [...]

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Our linen hire team shares table styling tips for a luxe rustic wedding

With so many beautiful winery venues dotted all throughout Australia, it’s no wonder that many couples lean towards the rustic style for their wedding day.  Perfect for those seeking a stylish, cool, and relaxed kind of theme, rustic weddings have evolved beyond your typical farm-like influence. Customised to a couple’s personal taste, the rustic theme has expanded to include more [...]

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Our table linen hire share 6 common event styling mistakes

Working closely with event stylists all over the country, Table Art’s table linen hire experts have created hundreds of jaw-droppingly gorgeous wedding, birthday and event table settings. We’ve also been called to the rescue of some less-than-impressive table settings. Whether you’re in the thick of event planning and working with all sorts of suppliers, or are just about ready to [...]

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Our table linen hire experts share our top wedding venues in Tasmania

The big question has been asked.  You’ve shared the exciting news with friends and family (and of course, on Instagram!) And now, you’re ready to start planning! Of course, one of the first things you need to lock in when you’re planning a wedding is the date… but for the most part, your venue’s availability plays a major role in [...]

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6 fantastic wedding table ideas, courtesy of our event stylists in Melbourne!

You’re counting down the days before you say “I do”. It’s a period of excitement and anticipation - however, it’s also one that’s characterised by stress, as you plan and go over the nitty gritty details of your dream wedding. You’ve found the perfect venue. You’ve finalised the wedding menu. Wedding invites have been sent. You’ve said yes to the [...]

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